Song Farmers

Hi all,

Has/Is anyone a member of any local Song Farmers movement? We have a chapter opening up here locally, and I'm curious about it. I've read the website, and it seems to be just like us--a bunch of folks wanting to meet up and just do some front porch pickin... all skill levels welcome. What makes it different from any other group of people wanting to just hang out and jam?

Can anyone fill me in? We don't meet until September 2nd. What should I expect? TIA~


  • Never heard of it but it sure sounds like a cool idea. Hope either somebody knows or you will be able to tell us about it after Sepltember. Have fun, either way.

  • Well, I missed our first SongFarmers gathering. I’m seriously thinking about becoming a member. It’s a network of musicians from all skill levels that meet and play together.

    I found out there were three different chapters within driving distance. They all encourage support of the other chapters. If there’s a crowd, maybe it’ll grow, then music will come alive within the community. Worth a shot. We’ll see.

  • So the only thing missing is how to contact or locate Song Farmers.

  • Thank you for posting this! Time constraints are making it difficult to get back in here.

    may apologies for not posting the link earlier 🙏🏻

  • @lisab Never heard of it but keep us posted...

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