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  • @fiddlewood what would be the difference between original and smooth? I’m guessing original is a rough textured? Seems to me that would help it grip better. 🤔

    I’ll probably dive in and purchase a cake; although I’ve seen 2 for 50, making them $25 each. Still thinking…

  • fiddlewood
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    Lisa, to the best of my understanding the original is in between Smooth and Dark for the amount of "grip" it has.

    I have only tried the original.

    Some folks have shared that they change to the "dark" during Winter when humidity is scarce.

    That's about all I can tell you other than I like it better than what I've tried in the past...seems to stay on the bow longer, produce a better sound (for me), and produce less dust on the fiddle.

  • Less dust is good! Sounds like “original” is the best of both worlds. Thank you!

  • Well, for better or worse, I just ordered the 2 for $50 rosin. One original and one smooth. Should be here Wednesday. Looking forward to trying it out!

  • Thanks Dave... I'll read some reviews but will probably go with the original

  • I'll take a look at both!

  • John, that's probably the best idea.

    Most of the pros I know of that use it seem to opt for Smooth.

  • So both rosins came in. I’ve not had a chance to really think on it yet. Had a practice jam session last night. Couldn’t tell the difference. Maybe too tired. Will keep you posted!

  • Looks yummy, @lisab . Is it flecked? I've never tried one.

  • fiddlewood
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    None of mine are flecked.

    I think it might just be the light brightness & angle on "fuzzies" from the cloth.

    If so, I'd just wipe it off before using.

  • @John (BGD) and @fiddlewood that is correct; no flecks; just fuzzies from the cloth. I did wipe before I applied it. I used the smooth. A piece crumbled off the edge when I applied it at first, but just a bit. I hope to play this afternoon after work and will think on it then. 🤞🏻

  • So it’s been a bit, and I’ve been able to play consistently with the original rosin. Using it, it feels like my bow is sliding through soften butter. I LOVE the grip it has. It makes me sound lots better!

    However, there seems to be an awful lot of dust flying from it. I was playing a break on “House of Gold” at a jam last week, had just rosined the bow before leaving the house…there was a LOT of dust flying from the strings! Looked like the fiddle was smoking! 😳. I just held my breath so I wouldn’t cough and finished the break.

    so now what?! 😩

  • Nancy Bitter
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    @lisab I believe there is a link here on cleaning your bow now and then. Some folks prefer to "smoke" the bow. I think it plays smoother to wipe my strings EVERY time I finish playing and a little cleaning of bow now and then. I just use a rag that has some grit to the material (like a dish rag) and wipe top & bottom together with minimal pressure.Hope that helps


  • Could you be over-applying the rosin?

    What type of hair is on your bow? In my experience, synthetic hair has a tendency to "shed" rosin much quicker...

    Myself I pass the bow over the cake twice and it's usually good for 3 days or so...roughly 6 hours or more of playing.

    I also wipe my strings when done for the day, but haven't needed to clean the bow in a couple years.

  • @Nancy Bitter I’ll try the dishrag. I usually wipe it down with one of those micro fiber rags. I need it to “not” smoke. It chokes me up 😂. Breathing is important lol

    @fiddlewood im guessing the hair is synthetic? It’s a carbon fiber bow from Fiddlershop. I wipe my strings/fiddle after each playing. I’ve not rosined in about a week, and it’s STILL creating a cloud of smoke every time I play. It SOUNDS good, and I love the string action..just want less dust/smoke.

  • @lisab I was told by a luthier the micro fiber has no roughness to really wipe sticky rosin. I believe you will be really pleased after you wipe with s dishrag or towel with some grip. Not hard though. My sounded totally different after wiping.

  • I have an old toothbrush I use when the rosin gets too thick on the bow.

  • @John (BGD) I thought about purchasing a baby's toothbrush for that. Haven't done so, but might eventually. Still need to try @Nancy Bitter's suggestion about the dish towel...

  • That is also a good idea!

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