your violin marks

New student here - I was watching your videos and it looks like you have "frets" marked on your violin and there are some kind of marks on your bow as well      Can you tell me why and how that helps you - would it help a newbie?

thanks   Vanita


  • I shouldn't attempt to answer for John, but I believe the tape on the bow helps people see bowing direction.  The fret markers just help people see where their finger position should be.  Some people learn more visually and so I guess it's another aid to help make the lesson as clear as possible.
  • As a beginner, it is advisable to put either tape on your fingerboard for the finger positions, or purchase a violin fret sticker for your size fiddle. Your fiddle is probably 4/4 meaning full size. Fret stickers of tapes (in the correct location on your fingerboard will make learning so much easier. after time you will have developed what is called muscle memory where your fingers will automatically find the correct note without you having to constantly look at the fingerboard to see where you are placing your fingers.  I have used automotive pin stripe tape and it works well but comes off after a month or two; whereas fret stickers stay on a LONG time and are relatively easy to apply and to remove. Neither tape or fret sticker will harm your fingerboard. As Cricket said, the tapes on John's bow are to allow students to see in which direction his bow is moving -- either up bow or down bow. The bowing pattern (either up or down) is often marked on the tunes tablature or notation. Sometimes, there are no directions on the tablature (tabs) or notation, leaving it up to the player to decide for themselves which direction suits them. If you are a complete beginner then I would probably advise you to just bow in the direction that you feel comfortable with until you get familiar with handling your violin and bow, as well as familiarizing yourself with the tune you want to play. Once you are more proficient with your bowing and the tune, try following the bow direction on the tabs or notation (if there are any) and see how you go.  Hope this has helped you some. GS
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