Where y'all at?

Behind the at, so they say...lol.  Well I'm assuming everybody is out somewhere having a good time, fiddle in hand...pals playing along.  I hope so anyway...lol.  Have fun.  I didn't have pickin' places or pals before the pandemic, so, guess I ain't a-gonna find 'em now either...lol...so...if you are out enjoying some music, enjoy it for all of us...take pictures or videos and report back and share the fun!


  • I'll post a bunch of photos of various jams I've been to, shortly.  :)
  • Oh good!  Hope you are having fun.
  • <img src="https://secureservercdn.net/" alt="" width="640" height="480" />
    The following pictures were all taken by me when I was present and taking a break from fiddling.

    The hand-built guitar is made from Brazilian leopardwood sides and back and Engelman spruce top by guitar builder Jerry Sams of Unicoi, Tennessee.
  • <img src="Please wait..." alt="" />
  • <img src="https://bluegrassdaddy.com/wp-content/uploads/hm_bbpui/88964/1y93mzc8c5sultnu2f7eppm2qtirg1hy.jpg" alt="" />
  • looks like a fun place, Fred!  What kinda fancy guitar is that dude holding up????
  • I'm back to working every morning so a little less time on the net.

    Forums always slow down once Summer starts ...
  • Hi Peggy. The guitar was around the 20th guitar that builder (pictured) Jerry Sams of Unicoi, TN built. I've forgotten what kind of wood he used to build it, but it's a beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Jerry built it for Troy Bennett, guitarist in "Midnight Grass" the band that is featured practicing in Jerry's basement in several photos.

    The last photo I posted is one with a bunch of musicians gathered in the back room at Rheatown store. Pickers have gathered here every Saturday night for over three decades now.

    The three photos taken in a mobile home are of members of the gospel group "3rd Day Resurrection". I played with them for several years when I was living in TN and have been asked to sit in with them when they play and practice while I'm here in TN having medical checkups.

    Tonight I practice with a Bluegrass band and tomorrow I play at Hiltons in Virginia starting at noon and again at 6:00 p.m. at Rheatown in TN. I love being busy playing. :) Sunday I play at a Bluegrass jam at Gray, TN.
  • Dave, don't work too hard!  Fred...all sounds like so much fun!
  • I'm headed to Georgia for a 3 days of bike riding... no fiddling.  Just 160 miles of pedaling.   We started our "1st Tuesday Bluegrass Jam" a couple months ago and last Tuesday we had 10 pickers and 30+ watchers!!!!!    Even more exciting, 6 of the pickers were under the age of 20.....
  • I've been in lurk mode, and exist mode, lol.  I've officially gotten off of every medication now from the wreck, and that has made some noticeable improvements in clarity, weight loss, energy, etc.

    I'm still taking my violin lessons weekly for the most part, and have relearned most of what I think I learned in middle and high school, all those decades ago, lol.  Finger speed and movement is troublesome for me, and forget vibrato now.  I am hoping over time I can learn a new way to make that happen again somehow....because any long note without it just sounds like a screaming siren, lol!

    I found that just  a handful of miles to the southwest of me, there is Ziggy's General Store, and they will be starting up their "Pickin' on the Porch" events later on this month (it was postphoned because it was just too cold and damp here for so long).  I never even knew this existed since I moved here, so it will be interesting to see the turnout!  From pics I have seen in years prior, it looks like a half dozen players maybe, and a lot of watchers.  I will be with the latter, lol.

    I hope everyone is having an awesome year so far!
  • Happy to learn of your improving health and wish you the very best for the future. Happy fiddlin'  :)
  • Goettjp...sounds like fun.  Enjoy your pedaling adventures!  Have fun!

    Patricia, I'm happy to hear you are getting better and better.  Hope you enjoy the Ziggy's General Store porch pickin', from either side of the porch!  Maybe watch for a while and then see if you feel like joining in.  I've seen some jams back in the old days where people in the audience were invited to bring instruments and just play along from their audience seats...not sure if anybody does that anymore.  But either way...it does sound like a fun thing to watch or participate in.  Hope you have a fun summer and continue to heal and enjoy your fiddling.

    Fred...I know you are having fun!  Enjoy all that playin!  Don't let your fingers get too sore...lol.
  • Thanks, Peggy. I played at a huge family picnic yesterday from noon until 4:30. The food was out of this world good and so was the music. I played banjo a little bit more than fiddle. I even played mandolin for some time. Sang a few of my favorite old Bluegrass tunes and had a blast.

    I was scheduled to play at Rheatown afterwards but I was way too tired to make the drive all the way from the Hiltons in Virginia to Rheatown by Greeneville, TN., so I went out to a restaurant and had a nice meal and went home and got a good night's rest. Today I play all afternoon at a friend's home up in Gray, TN. Tomorrow, a much waited for doctor's appointment.

    Really enjoyed your dulcimer tune. :) :)
  • Another fine day picking with friends up in Gray, TN. Each Sunday afternoon there's an invited-guest-only Bluegrass jam session at a friend's home that I super love to attend. It starts around 1:30 - 2:00 and runs 'til about 5:00 - 5:30.

    Today there was Richard playing Dobro and some banjo; Ron L. playing mostly banjo with some guitar; Ron D. playing guitar and mandolin; Jerry playing bass; Butch playing guitar and mandolin; and me, playing fiddle. We sure had a great session, that's for sure. It's so much fun to pick with these folks. :)
  • Summer is getting off to a great start...you'll be totally wiped out and ready to just record by winter...lol.
  • You got it, Peggy. Here's my "new" fiddle tune I just learned to play and sing. I'm crazy about this one.

    <a href="https://youtu.be/yUbJNByfmZg">https://youtu.be/yUbJNByfmZg</a>
  • Yesterday evening I attended a Pickin' On The Porch event at Ziggy's General Store.  I did not play; just watched from the porch - everyones ears were safer that way! :D  It was their first event of the season (delayed start because of the crazy weather).  It was nice, despite the fact it was about 95 degrees out.  For this event, they had plenty of guitars.  I think 3?  One lady played banjo, too!  The next event there is in late July, although some of the players do performances in other events in the surrounding little towns.
  • I'm down at Steve Kaufman Akoustic Kamp in Maryville, TN right now... about 1/2 the usual numbers, maybe 200 pickers....
  • Cool tune, Fred.  Patricia, sounds like fun, but hot...lol.  Goettip, cool...that must be an awesome experience...only 200 pickers?????  lol...wow, sounds like a big crowd to me.  Have fun!
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