A good documentary worth watching

I came across a good FREE documentary on Youtube titled 'Planet of the Humans' by Michael More. Though I will say here that when big corporations and the man who was almost president become involved in anything and try to promote it, I become afraid. VERY afraid.

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZsXyDkyrCk">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZsXyDkyrCk</a>


  • I haven't watched it, but heard some about it.  Of course, Michael Moore being Michael Moore, it's gotta be loaded with controversy.  I do believe we have a climate situation that's gone too far...coming from coal country, I can attest that coal never gave any miners a good life, set them up for disease later in life, took acreage, mountains and water away from local people and polluted the heck out of Kentucky...the only people who got rich from it never set foot inside this state.  But, yeah, that alternatives use finite energy sources, batteries with dubious minerals necessary, etc.  And wherever the money is, you know it's all gotta be corrupt.  As bad as renewables are, I think it seems like a good idea to drift in that direction for the moment and hope for something better to be available in the future.  Or we could all go more Amish...one way or another, our energy needs are killing us and bringing down the whole planet with us.  I love going to the zoo over across the river in Cincinnati...it's all about as green as you could imagine...the guy who runs it is an environmental genius, in my opinion...I mean, he's thought of everything...even the pavement on the walkways is porous to prevent flooding (the zoo is hilly) and to direct rain to underground pipes that are used to provide water habitat and drinking water for the animals.  The parking lots have solar awnings, so your cars stay in the shade under power production for the zoo.  They also have gardens on rooftops and wind turbines...different than windmills...no blades and no noise.  It's just amazing to see what that guy has done, and I've often thought he should hold some position in the Dept of Energy or Environmental Protection or something...why just the zoo...why not the whole country????  But anyway...yeah, this is a problem...and who is being honest in the telling of it or in the doing-something-about it?????   Disconcerting.  I guess I oughta watch that movie one of these days for myself...lol...if I think I can handle it.  Thanks for sharing.
  • I'm not one given to much from Michael Moore, sorry to say. I had a friend who is as much interested in science as I am point out this theory the other day. It's an interesting read:

    <a href="https://theconversation.com/earths-magnetic-field-broke-down-42-000-years-ago-and-caused-massive-sudden-climate-change-155580">https://theconversation.com/earths-magnetic-field-broke-down-42-000-years-ago-and-caused-massive-sudden-climate-change-155580</a>

    I have no idea what the actual truth is but I love science anyway. :)
  • Thanks for your feedback, Cricket and Fred.

    <strong>Cricket</strong>, the documentary runs for a little over one hour, and is well worth a look when you get the chance.

    <strong>Fred</strong>, interesting article that you posted in that link. Thanks for posting this.

    I have never been a fan of Michael Moore either. Inserts a LOT of false narrative in his docos. I was a little bit sceptical about watching what I thought was going to be an over-blown fanatical leftist propaganda production, but I found this documentary to be good; though I think the investigators needed to dig deeper to provide more of the hidden truth surrounding these so-called renewables. Michael Moore set out to prove how wonderful these alternative renewable energies are (I think to prove his point), but by the end of the documentary he did an about face and realized that they are NOT so wonderful after all.

    My rant: Solar panels NEED coal (and premium quality quartz -- some from NC) for their production. No coal, no solar panels. Despite the health affects that coal has on its miners, coal is not the enemy. Co2 is not the enemy. Pollution, land degradation (including mountain top removal and open cut mines), deforestation, wildlife habitat destruction, and the petrochemical / plastic industry are the REAL enemies.  Co2 is our friend. Always has been. Always will be. :)

    Wind turbines -- visually polluting, land polluting, and noise polluting. Just a bunch of junk that does almost nothing.

    Biomass --- means the cutting down and burning of the forest. If you think the deforestation of the Amazon forest is atrocious, just wait until the government and big corp start doing the same to the Americas.

    I have studied Earth's natural occurrences for a number of years. The entire Earth has always changed dramatically and naturally (not due to humans). These changes include mass extinctions that later saw the emergence of new species and sub-species of flora and fauna), changes in climate activity, changes in land mass and topography due mostly to the collision of the tectonic plates, ocean levels, the Earth's inner mantle activity, solar radiation, depletion of ozone layer levels etc.) Galactic cosmic rays and cosmic dust have always--- and will continue to--- affect the climate of the Earth. Whatever happens in the cosmos directly affects life on this planet.

    More in a future post. :)
  • I always thought we should all just go more Amish...I mean...who needs an electric toothbrush, electric can opener, etc.?  I think anyone who has some physical problem preventing them from doing things should have access to modern easy stuff, but for healthy people, just do it the old way.  Hang clothes on a line, etc.  I can't think of all of it, but modern life is so full of unnecessary wasted energy and just garbage and waste.  We used to burn all of our garbage...couldn't do that now...everything is toxic...but that's slightly off topic...still...our modern day choices are so wasteful in so many ways.  When I broke my arm and mentioned to the doctor, and also mentioned to the physical therapist, that I was finally getting to where I could operate my can opener again...both of them, when they saw i was talking about a non-electric thing, both freaked out and said everybody who uses a manual can opener would destroy their thumbs.  I had to laugh...I watched my old relatives, grandparents, great aunts, etc., use manual can openers, not to mention, wood mauls and axes and all kinds of manual tools, for 8 or 9 decades...they all had their thumbs...lol.
  • Great Scott, I very much agree with your take on what's going on. Peggy, you have some wonderful points, too. What a wonderful day we would reach if and when we cut out substantially our use of plastics. Styrofoam plates, plastic bottles, etc., have polluted the oceans.

    Also, try to imagine the required amount of electricity needed to recharge all the electric vehicles that would supposedly replace the cars and trucks on the road today. What source of energy could possibly provide that huge amount of electricity? Guaranteed it would be fossil-fuel and/or nuclear based and that wind and solar couldn't begin to take this task on free from fossil fuel use.
  • Fusion reactors sound a lot safer...yet, not ready for primetime yet.  I'm of the opinion that we go with regular "green energy" sources for a while until something better, possibly fusion, comes along.  I guess we need coal energy to produce the green stuff, solar panels or whatever it would be, but that would be a one-time use of coal as opposed to constant burning of the nasty stuff.  Everybody I ever knew who worked in a mine got black lung sooner or later...nothing you want to live with.  Even in our old town, a coal town and every place heating with plenty of coal, we'd have coal dust on the windsheilds, inside on the walls...etc.  It's pretty dirty and not good for anybody, plus, the getting-it-out-of-the-earth part messes up everything for miles and miles.  When you blow up mountains you get some pretty bad mudslides...then there's no topsoil, no trees...nothing grows there unless you do a bunch of work to get rye grass or something...minus the natural lay of the land that the surrounding region is dependent on...you get sick and starving animals...polluted streams with dead fish floating in there...I'm not a fan of coal...lol.

    But mainly politicians need to listen to scientists who collaborate around the world and who understand the issues enough to give sound advise...advise politicians don't usually wanna hear...lol.
  • By the way, it's probably no surprise to anybody I lean way left...lol...in that I think the world is better off when human rights and respect for all, as opposed to humans stepping all over one another's backs and exploiting underlings for gain, etc., etc., etc.,  makes a better life while we share this wonderful planet in our wonderful, yet very short time we experience together here...but anyway, Michael Moore does cater to the left, yet I've checked up on his facts and found many apparent erroneous statements among his videos.  I don't like pushing political ideals with falsehood, whether it comes from left, right, or just whoever...that's a bad problem on all sides it seems.  I'd rather we all step up to face the real truth, not what we would like to believe to be true.  As a person who favors more left ideals than right, myself, it's disturbing and embarrassing to me when the "leftists" behave badly and tell twisted facts to try to force their opinion on others.  I don't like the right doing it, and I don't like the left doing that either...step up and see the truth...that's why we need scientists from around the world who have reviewed the work of others and come to conclusions that hold up to scientific scrutiny.
  • Did I misspell advice?  Sorry...lol.
  • I was once advised to spell advice correctly. lol
  • Sounds like great advice...I should follow that too...lol.  What's really scary is I did it twice...lol.
  • "I always thought we should all just go more Amish"

    The internal combustion engine has saved millions of lives... access to hospitals, better food supplies, yada, yada.....  It's not even close.

    "Global warming" is projected to cost us ONE MILLION lives SEVENTY  years from now (according to the UNIPCC Report).  Yet, today, we lose 2-3 MILLION lives from lack of access to clean water and sanitation.  Today.  Not seventy years hence.  And we KNOW how to solve water/sanitation.. and it's cost ($220 billion... again according to the UN).

    Gen IV Nuclear -- the kind that CAN'T melt down and EATS nuclear waste as fuel -- can solve all the climate issues... but "lefties" don't like the word "nuclear" cuz it sound like war....

  • Lol...yeah,  I hear that...but I didn't mean to go to total horses and buggies days...I was just saying how wasteful we all are because of electric can openers, electric toothbrushes, air conditoners instead of windows or whatever else seemingly mindless energy wasting daily things our society does...I just meant the combination of small things being powered...things that just don't seem necessary.  Most people could cut back on usage if it was the norm and it was our regular habit...like...who still has a hand-powered egg beater?  Lol...I mean, I think most people use a lot of power unnecessarily...no fault of anyone's, but the way our society just is and it's hard to think outside of that.  I grew up simpler and when I still don't use some of the modern gadgets all the time, people up here where we live now seem totally freaked out...like they think of it as Amish...they've even laughed and said I was "Amish" because I would grind my own grain by hand.  Good exercise, ya know.  I would do it today, but no longer eat grain, so...anybody need a good hand grinder?  We also grind our own sausage, etc., no electric toothbrushes...we just didn't grow up that way and people seem to think it's weird if you open a can with a manual can opener anymore...seems like unnecessary energy wasting has pervaded our culture.

    I do agree that nuclear fusion sounds like a good idea, as opposed to the problems of fission, the technology we have now...I don't know enough about nuclear power, nuclear possibilities, to know if that would be 4th generation or not, but from what I've read, as a, as one of them that you call , "lefty," myself, fusion sounds like a much more feasible and safe alternative over the current fission, whichever generations they belong to.  Fusion is not yet ready, technologically...we could continue to destroy southeastern kentucky until it is continue to exploit the coal miner too, or we could use things that do work, not 100 per cent I realize, but come close...we might have decades to go before fusion is turning on the switches.

    Clean water is not what I'm talking about...although I agree it's necessary for human life and health...and if we continue to mess up the earth willy nilly, there might not be clean fresh water for most people in the world...as you say, there is already a big problem with that.  There are many problems for a world teeming with humans...we can compare what kills more or stuff like that, but realistically we need to act on things causing issues for now and for the future...just my humble opinion....I'm no scientist and don't even play one on TV...just a person who appreciates the gift of life we all share in this world.

  • Gen IV is not fusion, but fusion is coming as well.

    More people worldwide died mining coal LAST MONTH than have ever died from a nuclear meltdown,  even if you add them all up.

    Coal mining & transport kill about 3000 people a year.   Chernobyl had about 50 deaths (we think, Russia is secretive) and Fukushima was actually an earthquake & tsunami, not a nuclear failure, altho a meltdown did occur.  More people died from the botched evacuation than from escaped radiation.
  • You are a wealth of statistical knowledge!
  • I'm loving this thread!  :)  I will reply to a few posts when next I get the chance. Soon I hope. I'm just totally flat out now working on the new energy system that my alien friend Kevin (no, not illegal alien -- although he does occasionally drop in via the sky) gave me the data for. I hope to have the system up and running in a couple months after testing it to work in Earth's atmosphere. But my main project for renewable energy that runs on bovine poop is coming along nicely: I just need to collect a lot more BS from the politicians to test it out properly. WATCH THIS SPACE.

    Cheers to everyone here!
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