Happy Birthday Great Scott!

Please join me in a birthday greeting to our faithful moderator, who tonight is gazing reflectively upon those exact same stars that his parents shook their fists at, so many years ago, on the night our good fellow was born. Happy Birthday Great Scott!

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  • Have a wonderful birthday, Great Scott!  ...
  • Sorry, got interrupted in the above message...I meant to add: may your googly eyes roll through many more weird and happy years to come!
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    Happy Birthday Great Scott. May you have a wonderful time where ever you are and whomever you're with. Best Wishes for a super day! :)
  • Happy birthday, Great Scott!!
  • Thanks so much John for the Birthday wishes. And thank you too Cricket, Fred and Gunnar for yours.  I have been away from WiFi since May 12/13 and was supposed to be out of range until June 8, but that plan was changed and I now have WiFi access for the next several days.

    Yes John, they had stars in their eyes . . .  until I popped out. "Never an uglier child born!" said the doctor. My mother agreed. My father simply stretched his eyeballs out further, swapped sockets, looked at me with a cold stare, and said I definitely wasn't his. Said there wasn't the slightest resemblance. I kept telling them that beauty was on the inside, but they just laughed as they carried me into the jungle and left me there, where  I was raised by a pair of loving Chameleons who thought I had beautiful eyes. Their only disappointment in me was that I could never get that tongue flicking thing happening, despite their continued efforts. :)
  • Old bean, I hope it was a good one. Glad you made it back into civilization long enough to drop us a line!
  • Happy birthday Great Scott! (Better late then never right?)
  • Thanks so much, <strong>Kaeleigh</strong>. Belated or otherwise, I truly appreciate your thoughtful Birthday greetings.

    <strong>John</strong>, it certainly was a day to remember. I had a lovely day just laying on the beach improving my tan while surrounded by beautiful island women who continually kept me cool by fanning me with palm leaves.  The fanning also helped keep the flies away until the coroner could arrive to determine my health status.  At my age, it's sometimes difficult to tell if I'm dead or alive.  :)
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