What are y'all Doing Now Adays?



  • Hi! I haven't been on for a while due to Track and end of year prep, but seems like y'all are doing alright....

    lisab, I had two cysts in my hand and had to get them removed, so I've been recovering.... I think one of them might be coming back, though, so ...... :(

    Nancy, good luck with the move! Hope you settle in nicely with no disruptions. :)

    Frederick, sounds like you had fun traveling!

    It's also kinda flooded in our front yard. It's amazing.

    <img src="https://bluegrassdaddy.com/wp-content/uploads/hm_bbpui/88832/tsdqd8ampakswr2u4afccflldv50qjxt.jpg" alt="" />
  • Angela...oh no...don't do that...don't do a Peggy with your wrist!  Ouch...sorry to hear that happened.  But glad it's all well now and you're playing is sounding great!

    Maria...glad your hand is better too.  Gee whiz folks...we gotta do better with our hands from now on...lol...need our hands to make music.  Hope the flood goes away and life can just get somewhat back to normal for everybody, if we even remember what that is!

  • Haha, yeah. One of my friends just broke both of his arms... :(

    The drains have started working a  little bit... the water is almost up to the middle of my thighs. (about 2 feet.) This is great. I mean Colorado's still in a drought, but this should help a little bit.
  • Oh gosh...I hope your friend heals quickly.  Yeah, I guess you have enough water to help out with the drought...not the easiest way to get over that.  Everybody take care.
  • Yes, Maria, I enjoy traveling. Not as much as when I was young but I still do like riding around. I especially love the back/rural roads and scenic mountain views.

    I'm enjoying my stay here in Tennessee very much as I'm getting to play music with many of the bands I used to perform with when I lived here on a more steady routine. Last night I performed with "IIIrd Day Resurrection", a gospel group I used to perform with. We played three hours and I had a superb time fiddling my cotton-pickin' heart out! lol

    Thursday I play with another band and yet another band this Friday night and another one Saturday and another one this Sunday afternoon. It's just non-stop pickin' ! :)
  • Wow...you're keepin' busy with all that pickin', Fred!  Cool.  Enjoy!
  • Yes, Peggy. I have been waiting so long for a chance to return to east TN and meet up with so many of my musician friends. I'm here for medical/health reasons but I certainly know how to spend my time between dr. appointments. lol
  • Hope you enjoy the time between appointments, and hope the appointments go well and all is well and happy and fun for you in tn!
  • Thanks a whole bunch, Peggy. I'm hoping the Dr visits go well, too. The Bluegrass jams are going great! :)
  • Fingers crossed!
  • Hey, lol, fingers crossed....that's how I play the fiddle. ha ha

    Seriously though. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. :)

    I practiced with a Gospel Bluegrass band last night over in Hampton, Tennessee. Wow! They are so good at their vocals and harmonies. Also good pickers, too. I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of material I had never even heard before but they still want me to perform with them for a couple of upcoming gigs. Hope I can be around for them. :) (The bassist, a good friend of mine, has a 1939 American Standard upright full-size bass that has a killer sound.)
  • Wow...what fun!
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