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An anyone help me share some.pjotos I keep hitting icons above but photo selection won't come up. Trying to post pics from my phone. I am logged in via phone  thanks. I want to share pics of two fiddles


  • Nancy, to post an image / photo, click on the last icon on the right at the end of the tool bar. The tool bar is directly above the space where you would write your text. Once you have clicked on the last icon, a window will appear. This window is titled 'Insert / edit image. In that window, click on the camera icon on the right of the space that is titled 'Source'. A list of your files / photos should appear. Click on the photo that you want to upload and then click the bottom button that says "Open". Your photo should start being uploaded. But remember that there is a limit to the file size of your image. It can't be any larger than 14 MB.
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