Anyone have an extra bow?

Ok, so I need a bow. My Fiddlerman carbon bow just broke, so now I have no bow.

I was thinking, I could buy a new one, but I thought some of y'all may have a bunch that you don't use that you wouldn't mind parting with for a reasonable sum.

So, do any of y'all have a decent bow that you don't use that you could sell me? If you do, please comment here or send me an email at gunnarsalyer@



  • Maybe you can use a little super glue and then end up getting a new one if you get a  2021 Lion's Den Award!  Is that the only bow you have?  What were you playing when it broke?
  • Not a super glue fix, the frog stripped so it won't tighten. It's my only bow, and I wasn't playing when it broke, I was about to and it wouldn't tension.
  • I’m sorry! That happened to me a couple months ago. Try eBay- there was quite a few good ones pretty cheap. Also, fiddleman has the scratch and dent sort of seconds and they were fairly reasonable too.
  • I'll shop around, just wanted to see if anyone had a spare one
  • New brass frog nut is only a dollar.

  • There is no standard threads for frogs, but a violin shop can match it up, or just ask fiddlerman to send you one.
  • Fiddlerman is sending me a new bow as it was under warranty. In the meantime I had stuck some copper thread through the nut as a stop gap measure.
  • I'm glad Fiddlerman to help you out, Gunnar.
  • Hubby fixed mine with super glue....but now it is always tightened up and cannot be made loose so it is my go to spare.
  • I have several nice wood bows if anyone wants one.  All different prices.  I have gone to a

    Codabow GX Diamond, and will probably never use anything else....

  • Gunnar here's a little tip , Rub the frog threads of a new bow or old with the lead of a pencil or graphite same thing to lube the threads it will make it last longer and easier to tighten .
  • Steve, that's a great idea. I have been rubbing my bridges and nuts with pencil "lead" for the various instruments I have for many years but never thought to use pencil graphite on the screw to my bow frog. I just did that to my favorite bow and wow....Thanks for the tip!
  • Your welcome Fred
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