Lake Dore Waltz

Anyone have sheet music for this????  Thanks


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    This is a really pretty waltz. Have fun. :)
  • Thanks !!! Printed and will try and master this pretty song!!
  • I look forward to hearing you perform it and post it here. :)
  • I wish you had this in the number tabs notation does not work for me !
  • Maybe this could be of help.

    It is quite easy to write out the tab numbers by hand on the music sheet.

    Look at some other songs in the same key that is already TABed out and note the number for the fingers for the notes and for what string.

    Since there are no TAB lines one have to write out the string name with a letter before the number for the fingering. Also to avoid it getting messy only write out the letter for the string when there is a change in string.

    For the high and low fingering one can use +/-.

    Only write out the number once for ”tied notes” (eg the 10th note in the notation ie A1).

    As an example for the first row i.e. the first 9 bars of the music for Lake Dore Waltz above, the tab notation could be:


    One could also play through the scale for the key and write down what the fingering is for each string (ie to observe where it is a low or high -/+ fingering.

    D-major scale written out in this notation starting with G0.


    <img src="" alt="" width="363" height="54" />
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