Welcome to the forums! Please read this first.

Hi everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood fiddle teacher, Dr. John (not to be confused with the blues piano player). You have probably already read all about me on my bio page, but you will really get to know me through these forums. I am here to offer help with anything you have need of, but most of all I just really enjoy the company of other fiddlers, and I am generally interested in anything that may come up.

I have three daughters of my own, and I am also known as “Bluegrass Daddy” to the kids who are part of my local musical outreach. And since you have wandered in here as well, I would like to now welcome YOU as extended members of my fiddle family.

Although we are all brothers and sisters in our big, musical family, many of us are shy and reluctant to speak in front of everyone. Well, I just want to say that you have nothing to worry about! Here you will find supportive fiddlers that are in the same stage of the learning journey that you are currently in.

If you are unsure of how to get started, here are some suggestions: Be encouraging and complimentary to those brave souls who post photos or performances in “The Lion’s Den.” If someone new says “hi” in the “Introduce Yourself” forum, respond with a friendly “hello!” If you have knowledge of or curiosity about any topic, chime in with your $0.02.

As a participant of this forum, you have the ability to post links to YouTube or Vimeo videos. Simply paste the URL of the video into your post. You may also attach images and small videos (less than 5 MB) directly from your computer. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Please do not link to or attach anything that may be crude or offensive.

When you join the conversation, I want you to be relaxed and comfortable. However, remember that others perceive the words that you write as a reflection of your soul. Converse as if you were in “mixed company.” Write every post with the realization that my daughters are reading them. Although this rarely happens, please be understanding if a word or phrase is omitted from one of your posts. What one person finds humorous, another may find offensive. What one person deems “colorful,” another may deem “course.”

As with any group conversation, it is unrealistic to expect everyone to stay on-topic. If a new topic emerges, I will split it off into its own unique topic. If a new topic is very similar, I may merge those topics.

Members here at Bluegrass Daddy come from all walks of life. We are interested and respectful when someone shares their testimony, or the philosophy which guides their daily journey. This is a part of who you are, and we appreciate and welcome you regardless of your religion and political leaning (or lack thereof). However, please don’t stray into the finer points of doctrine or politics. This can quickly lead to hard feelings and misunderstandings.

“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is acceptable, whatever is commendable, if there is anything of excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy — keep writing about these things.”

Sincerely, John


  • I thought I would add my two bits about another way to post a video. I think it takes less technology than YouTube or Vimeo.

    If you don't want to use YouTube or Vimeo, just register to get a free DropBox or SugarSync account on your computer (or ipad, iphone, or wherever), and then put your MP3 or video file into your local Dropbox folder. Dropbox will copy it up to the cloud somewhere.

    Then right click on your local copy (on Windows), and click on the "Share Dropbox Link" menu choice. That copies a link to your clipboard that anyone can use to access your file in the cloud. And you can delete the file later, post another link, or whatever.

    Just beware that if you delete the file or move it one day, the link in the forum here will become invalid, since there is no file in Dropbox any more. And that might not be so good for the forum, to have a bunch of dead links.
  • Hi guys, here is another forum tip: Inserting images!

    when you are composing a forum post and want to add a photo from your computer, click on the "img" button if in text mode, or the button that looks like mountains if you are in visual mode.

    A window will pop up with an entry box titled "Source." To the right, you will see a file folder icon. Click this icon, then navigate to the image on your computer and attach it. It may take a few moments for the image to attach. When the image has attached, click "OK."

    If there is an image online that you want to link to, right-click that image and select "Copy link address." The web address (URL) of the photo is now on your clipboard. Now when you are composing a forum post, click on the "img" button if in text mode, or the button that looks like mountains if you are in visual mode.

    A window will pop up with an entry box titled "Source." If you are linking to an online image, paste the URL of your image, enter a description of the image, then click "OK". Now the image will appear on the post! However, please don't upload large (full-screen) images this way, because they take a LONG time to load and will slow down the forum.

    If you want to link to a large, high-resolution image that is already on the internet, please just paste your link into the post without using the image button. The image won't be displayed, but your readers will be able to click the link to go see the image.

  • <strong>Addendum:</strong>

    A friendly request to all forum users that applies mostly to the forums of:  Strings & Things, and General Help, but that can also be helpful in the other forums.

    Please DO NOT post obscure titles.  When writing the title of your post(s), please ensure that the title contains the main theme of what you are posting.  For instance: If you are seeking help for something in particular,  DO NOT simply write "<em>Help!</em>"  or "<em>Help Needed</em>".  That is far too obscure.  It is far better for you to write something like "<em>Help needed <strong>for intonation.</strong></em>"  Or, if you are wanting to find out the difference between different products, DO NOT simply write your title as '<em>What's the difference?</em>" or "<em>Which is better?</em>".  Write your title as something like "<em><strong>Light vs Dark rosins</strong> -- what's the difference?</em>"  or "<em>Which<strong> rosin</strong> is better -- Light or Dark?</em>'  By writing the subject in your title, other members will be able to immediately see -- while looking down the list of topics in any one particular forum -- what your topic is all about; without them having to read any one particular post, only to find it is something they are not interested in.  I am sure many members will find this extremely beneficial.

    Thank you,

  • To add an avatar, click on "Edit Forum Settings" in the Account Management block in the upper right.

    Scroll down to see the option for uploading an avatar of your choosing. Your avatar will be stored here, and when you post to the forum, it will appear. However, it will only appear on this forum, and nowhere else on the internet.

    If you want to create an avatar that will be recognized by a large number of websites, I recommend that you upload a photo to Gravitar. Simply go to:

    <a href="https://en.gravatar.com/" target="_blank">https://en.gravatar.com/</a>

    And click the blue "Generate your own Avatar" button. You will need to either sign in using a WordPress login, or create your own account. Be sure to use the same email address that you use here at BluegrassDaddy.com. From there, you can manage and upload photos, which will then show up here on our forum.
  • Under "Account Management" in the upper right are four links.

    1) <strong>Forum Profile</strong>: Here you can access all the topics you have created or replied to. You can also manage your favorites and subscriptions.

    2) <strong>Forum Settings</strong>: Here you can change your password, subscribe to daily or weekly forum digests, upload an avatar, create a signature, and more.

    3) <strong>Account Settings</strong> : This link allows you to manage your BGD account, including changing your payment method, changing your password, or cancelling your membership subscription.

    4) <strong>Logout</strong>
  • Hi Folks, this is just another friendly reminder about <strong>NOT</strong> posting obscure titles for your threads.

    We have a LOT of new members who might not be aware of the earlier thread I posted on 'obscure titles' (you can view that particular thread above).  So, for those newer members who may wish to post a thread in <strong>ANY</strong> of the forums, please make sure the title of your thread gives some semblance as to what your thread is about.  Example: You want to share your thoughts about a recent news item about a man / dog attack.  <strong>DON'T</strong> make your title something like <em>"Have you read..."</em>.  That is way too obscure and may appear to be just click-bait.   Make your title something like <em>"Man bites dog"</em> or at least something that relates directly to the theme of your thread.  This will help prevent other members wasting their time after clicking on a particular thread with an obscure title only to find the content of the thread is of no interest and or possibly more so has no pertinence to the title of said thread.  This is especially true for a number of threads in the <em>"What else is on your mind "</em> forum.  So, please try to help other members enjoy their time on the forums by not posting obscure thread titles.

    PLEASE NOTE: Threads whose titles appear to be deemed simply as what is referred to as "click-bait" will be deleted by admin without prior or post notification to the thread's author.

    I am sure everyone will appreciate concise threat titles to help them navigate the forum's contents more easily and make their visits to the forums more enjoyable.

    Thank you for your understanding,

  • Wasn't sure where to ask this and I may have overlooked it it, but when posting any playing does it have to be a video?  I'm not much of a video person. But have plenty of audio I recorded on audacity of my playing.

  • Audio is welcome too! Post away!
  • We love it all, John...fire away and bring us some music, please!
  • Does anyone know how I would download the lessons on a MacBook? Thanks
  • I will have a download feature soon!
  • Hi from San Angelo, Texas - my name is Vanita and I play (and not very well at any of these) guitar, banjo, piano but I have always wanted to want to learn the fiddle...but it is the hardest instrument I have ever picked up.    I look forward to going through the lessons, but need a little direction on how to follow thru the lessons and this website.  How do I start?    Thanks so much for this opportunity to learn.  :-)
  • Welcome, Vanita!  Fiddle is hard to play, but well worth the effort and lots of fun...give yourself some time and you'll start getting it before you know it.  I would start with the beginner lessons...maybe pick something you've heard a lot and are pretty familiar with...don't tackle too many tunes at once...put one foot in front of the other.  Let us know how the lessons go for you and there's lots of helpful folks on the forum if you run into problems.  Happy fiddling!
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