Gospel song

Looking for All My Tears (be washed away) if anyone has it ......thanks. Doing a gospel and would like to accompany an awesome singer. THANKS Bm I believe


  • I don't know it...but I sure hope somebody can answer this. This whole site seems like it just bit the dust a long time ago...wish everybody'd come back. Good luck with it, Nancy!

  • @cricket I can hear it on you tube but cannot find notes anywhere. I agree the site is not what it once was....Miss the old site

  • There is a version on musicnotes.com for purchase. Not sure if that is the song you are looking for. The key can be selected.


  • @Hakan Lindholm Yes I did do a search. Most sites to pay ( which I don't mind) say it is 6-12 pages. I just want the mini version on maybe two sheets. But thanks ! If I find it I will post

  • Sounds like a wonderful song, Nancy. I hope you can get the music for it sometime. I would love to hear you playing it.

    As a side note (no pun intended) your initial request should have been posted in the 'What else is on your mind' forum. The 'Strings and Things' forum is for members asking questions about musical instruments, strings, bows, accessories, sound and recording gear, video creation, etc.


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