How's everybody doin'?

Hey guys. I've been a stranger here for a while...besides busy, a lot of computer and internet issues on my end plus I still just have trouble with the new forum. Anyhow...hoping all is well here and everybody's doing ok.

Has anybody heard from Fred W.? I follow his youtube channel and seems I haven't been able to find much from him lately, unless I'm missing it...which is entirely possible. We've had series of storms and our net is really klunky and slow and doesn't work half the time.

Anyhow...I'm still recording my music any chance I get. Hoping all my BGDaddy friends are doing well.


  • Just working & making friends with the new dog (Dash!) here.

    I play some each day, but I'm finding it hard to be motivated to learn new things lately...mostly just put on something to watch & jam along on stuff while reading the subtitles.

  • We moved from Ohio back to Kentucky about 5 weeks ago so I have been slammed for the last couple of months prepping to sell, packing, moving, and then unpacking....

    Crazy... I dont ever want to move again.

  • Oh gosh I hate to move...we talk about it all the time...going back to TN, but it just hasn't materialized and don't know if it ever will. We've been in this house here for almost 34 years now,'ll be tough. Hope y'all are happy in the Kentucky location, Eddie.

    Dave, hope you and Dash are getting along great. Sounds like a good musical team: Dave n' Dash, performing tonight, while watching

    We're in a heat advisory here and doing fence repair that just has to be done...nothin' in the yard but clay and rock...taking a lot of breaks...this weather is a killer.

    Everybody stay safe and healthy and cool and happy!

  • Getting ready for school to start back. Teachers go back on August 2nd. I have been blessed to participate in LOTS of jams this summer! Although I have enjoyed every minute of it, my brain longs for some consistency. I don't know if I was coming or going, but have thoroughly enjoyed fiddlin, singing, meeting new people. This is a new experience for me--at most, there were two local jams a month and that was good. Now, the local jams have had to shut down, but other jams in surrounding counties have opened up. Talked to a friend this morning, and he's making a 5 hour drive to jam in Thomasville GA! WOW!

  • Lisa, sounds like a "cool" it's a great school year too.

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