Wooden bows vs Carbon Fiber bows.

I watched this video a number of years ago and I'm posting it here for anyone who is curious about the comparisons or if someone is considering buying a new bow, either carbon or wood.

I have a FM carbon fiber bow and also a wooden bow that came with my first fiddle. The FM (Fiddlerman) carbon bow is a great bow for the price, but when i compare the carbon bow sound to the sound I get from my wooden bow, I honestly prefer the 'organic' sound and feel of my wooden bow. I am not dismissing the great sound from the FM carbon bow, it's really good, but their is something different in the sound when I play with the wooden bow. It seems to have 'soul', like a living spirit that resonates magically with the wood of my fiddle,; like the two (violin and bow) are working in tandem projecting the beautiful sound.

Of course, before buying a bow, it is best to check them out in person, and play them on your own violin, as each violin will sound different and react differently.

And remember: One bow does not rule them all.


  • Very informative! Thanks :) I'm always in search of that "Magic touch" that make the fiddle sound angelic. So many things to consider--instrument material; string type, bow type, rosin type, and of course, the musician. I have limited knowledge of all the above, and haven't found the sound yet. Every once in a while, I sound great for a measure or two... then it leaves again.

  • Thanks for your reply, Lisa. Yeah, I know what you mean about sounding great for a measure or two and then those few magic moments suddenly vanish. Happens to me all the time. I think it just takes time and lots of practice to sound great ALL the time.

  • jrstinson
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    I love my wood bow more, but the carbon one performs better when I'm playing in harsh or fluctuating temperatures - it is able to hold the tension more consistently, so that I'm not having to tighten and loosed the hair constantly during a jam. I play in a cold barn with a wood stove, and how close you get to sit by the stove depends on how late you arrive! I bring my carbon bow to the barn jams.

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