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Hi all,

Thought I would start a new DDAD thread in the correct category. Several musicians admitted that the DDAD didn’t really work for them, either. (G string winds up being too loose or floppy)

Has anyone had success with the DDAD tuning? If so, hold you share your experiences? Thanks!



  • Also known as Dead Man's Tuning. I play only 4 songs in this tuning so far. Midnite On the Water, Bonaparts Retreat (2 different versions) and Drunken Hiccups. The droning sounds you achieve are remarkable. You must be very light with the bow or its possible to throw your tuning off because of the G string dropped down to D. Experiment with this tuning you will not be sorry. Good luck and happy fiddlepicking !!!

  • @captnoisy2007@hotmail.com thanks! When you first experimented with the Dead Man's tuning, the G down to a D didn't feel loose, and unable to resonate? Maybe I'm just used to a certain "feel" of the bow to the string. I've tried several times, and it just didn't feel right. Maybe I was too heavy on the bow. I'll try it again. Thanks for the feedback!

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