Posting discussions in the wrong forum

This is a friendly reminder to ask the new members who may not yet be familiar with the layout of the forums that before you post a discussion to please make certain that you are posting it in the correct forum. i.e,

The 'Lion's Den' forum is specifically for performance videos by members. From beginner to moderate to advanced. No posting of YouTube or other 3rd-party videos is permitted unless those videos are posted as an aid to help with a particular fiddle technique such as bowing or stance or vibrato etc.

The 'Composer's Corner' forum is specifically for ORIGINAL compositions by all members whether beginner composer or more advanced composer. No 3rd-party Youtube videos or others. Any submission to this forum that is NOT original will be removed.

The 'Strings and Things' forum is for all discussions regarding music accessories and recording gear, including DAWs, cameras, microphones and musical instruments.

The 'General Help' forum for help with playing your violin / fiddle, bowing technique, help with a particular song.

The 'What else is on your mind?' forum is for anything else you care to talk about (as long as it is not 'R' rated. Any inappropriate or offensive posts will be removed immediately without notification to said member.

Posting your discussion in the correct forum will help unclutter the forums, making it easier on the Moderators and easier for members to search.

Thank you, GS


  • I've been just having problems posting on the forum at all. Just got a new Chromebook...Target had them on sale for 99 dollars, Acer then I had another discount so I got this one for less than 80 bucks. Hopefully I can use the forum again now and I see I am very far behind in keeping up with folks here. Let's see if it works out for me My old Chromebook was getting pretty klunky and just messed up.

  • sorry cricket... is it working now?

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