Bluegrass Scramble

Thinking about heading down to Nine Mile, TN on Saturday. Nine Mile Volunteer Fire Dept hosts four annual bluegrass festivals as fundraisers, but this year they've added a "Bluegrass Scramble" and I hope to join in.

Basically, you show up, put your name in a hat along with the instrument(s) you play. They draw names from the hat and assign you to a "band," hopefully with one bass, one banjo, one fiddle, etc. Your "band" has one hour to pick songs, practice and get ready to go on stage.

I'm only putting this out here as self-motivation so I don't chicken out.... :)


  • Wow! Now that sounds like a whole lot of fun!

  • What a neat idea!!! Wish we had something like that here in North Florida!

    Don’t chicken out—have fun!!

  • To expound that idea a bit further, make the list of songs follow a theme. February? The songs must be about love. March? Songs must be Celtic in nature. July? Patriotic. December? Holidays. Etc.

    this would also be a great activity for music camp. What fun!!

  • That sounds like a cool event!

  • Should be lots of fun!

    A couple festivals up around here do band scrambles.

  • Well, it WAS fun. I entered as a fiddle or Dobro player. No other Dobro's entered, so I was assigned to a 5-piece "band" as the fiddler. 3 songs required, one instrumental, one hour to practice, then showtime.

    We opened with Clinch Mountain Backstep, then I sang Tennessee Waltz, then we closed with Nine Pound Hammer.

    We were leading in the voting at 3pm... until the mail-in ballots arrived and we lost. Grrrr!

  • Haha those mail-in ballots... Oh well!

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