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Hey guys, don't know if it's me...I keep having computer crashes all the time. I've got only hand-me-down computers and mobile devices and they are always causing trouble. Bought a new chromebook for myself leds than a month ago and it just up and flatout quit working the other I'm gonna try to return that next week. But it doesn't say "Howdy Cricket," when I try to log on to this forum...not sure if anybody else has trouble or if it's me with my limping old devices and


  • I wish I could help you, Peggy. But I do not have the foggiest idea how to do so. I wish I had never even touched a computer years ago. Today, I would be a multi-millionaire and in good health rather than a plump old cyber-addicted fool sitting here wondering where my next greasy pizza's coming from, Papa John's or Pizza Hut. ;)

    Seriously, though. I wish you the best.

  • It doesn't say "howdy" to me either...but I think I'm always logged in...or it's auto...or something?

    Don't know anything helpful, it seems...sorry.

  • Im gonna update my mobile devices...well, not literally...update, meaning, get newer ones!

  • Sorry there's no "howdy", I had to move the forum in order to speed up the site. However, if you are logged in at, you should be able to link over to the forum. If you are on a new device, you will probably have to click the login prompt the first time you go to the forum!

  • Thanks, John. One of my problems is all my mobile devices seem to be acting up at the same I can't tell anymore if it's on my end or the other end or wherever the problems come from.

  • Sorry about that! Hopefully you'll get it running here soon

  • Thanks...all going well again right I think I jinx electronic

  • what happened to all the sheet music??????? Did I miss something?

  • Frederick
    edited March 2022

    The sheet music is on the Bluegrass Daddy learning/lesson site and this forum has been put on its own web site.

  • @Nancy Bitter

    Here is the link to the home page for the lesson website.

  • It would be easier to back and forth if there also was a link to the main BGD page from the forum page.

  • To tell you the truth, I am not sure how to do that! I will work on it.

  • @John (BGD)

    Can we start a thread Titled To Lessons or something and provide the link in a comment?

    Then is it possible to "Pin" that thread?

    Just a thought...

  • ohhh... Let me try that

  • fiddlewood
    edited March 2022

    And it works!

    Well done John!

  • Thanks! Hopefully I'll get a better solution soon but that was a big help.

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