I Did A Thing

Well, I have been having some unforseen health issues. The reason I started playin the fiddle again was to get my mind off of stuff. Well, Im not going to be able to fiddle for a while. I have some monitors stuck to me for a month or so. And they had to put it right about where my fiddle rests. Ugh. I tried fiddlin from the "hip" if you will. That aint for me.

Anyway, down on my luck I drove past a music store, I pulled in to check out some new bows for my fiddle. They didnt have much in that department, but the glistenin of some banjos sure caught my eye across the store. I have always wanted to learn just never really had time. I know nothin about a banjo, I had no idea what kind of price range banjers were even in. So I meandered over and started to take a peak. I heard a voice from a far say "Go ahead and pick ya one up and pick us a tune." I replied with, "I sure wish I could" nice fellar he was, we talked about music for a spell and I told him my dilemma. He is a salesman now so he said "Sounds like a good time to start a new groove." And boy let me tell ya, a good salesman he is. Hahaha. Just funnin, he is a great guy.

Well the skinny is, I'm a proud new owner of a Ibanez Banjer. Lol. Gave it a whirl last evenin and might I say fun sure enough was had. Now I aint givin up on the fiddle, still going to be around just figurin Ill pick a banjo for a spell and see if I can't acompany my fiddle. Currently learnin Boilin them Cabbages on Down! Haha. One of my favorite fiddle songs to play.

Wish me luck!


  • Man, I'm sorry about the health issues! That isn't fun I know. It sounds like you're making the best of it though! Ibanez makes a nice banjo, how is it going?

  • I feel like I am picking it up quite well. It's different but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

  • Banjo is a lot of fun, and pretty easy to get unless you get into bluegrass licks and stuff...rolls and stuff...well, that stuff is too hard for me, but the other stuff is fairy easy for me. Hope you enjoy the banjo. Sorry for the health problems always getting in the way. My husband had one of those for a while too...I guess he's lucky he never tries to play the fiddle.

    Hope you have fun with the banjo and can get back to good health and fiddling again soon!

  • Not a banjo, but I picked up a Mandolin for the same reasons when I had major shoulder problems and eventually surgery. It kept me playing music and really helped with learning new tunes. As I practiced, I found I liked some tunes better on the Mandolin. Now I switch back and forth at jams or just for fun. Sometimes the fiddle calls and some times the mandolin. Always good to have a backup plan.

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