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Hi everyone, its been a while since I've been on and there are few changes it seems and I'm glad to see everything is working well. I recently purchased a TASCAM DP-008EX and have been watching many videos on how to operate the system. I was hoping someone here could give me some pointers to help improve the sound as much as possible (is it worth it to buy a separate mic? If so which one? Any particular device settings prior to recording?) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Since many members of my family play different instruments we were planning on recording several songs, but I would like to have most of the "kinks" worked out before getting everyone onboard. I put together two songs to be my test subjects (boil'n cabbage and maidens prayer) I overlapped myself playing the fiddle, guitar (pitiful playing...lol), mandolin backup and upright bass. Please give me any recommendations that can help the sound/timing (outside of actually improving my playing... (:


  • Sounds pretty dog gone good to me! Yea buddy, catch it on fire! Far from pitiful, now I can show ya pitiful! Hahaha You are very talented!

  • fiddlewood
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    I run the same unit for recording.

    As for timing: did you try using the built in metronome? (I love it)

    I thought the fiddling was very good!

    Overall it's not bad for a rough mix. I think a little more practice with mic distance and knowing the difference in how it sounds when mixing and the finished product and you'll have it down.

    You might experiment with "deadening" the room a bit. It's not way overly echoing now, but a deader room can give you more control on the different instruments.

    I am on my second "008" and own some good mics, but usually prefer the built-ins. I just recently switched to a good quality vocal mic for recording fiddle: it is more realistic to what I hear when I play, but...it is more realistic to what I play, if you get my drift.

    Mix-wise it sounds like the guitar needs to come up a bit.

    looks/sounds like you changed the "Master Volume" during Maidens Prayer...That is a NO-NO. Always "premix" (run through it for practice without mastering) a couple times to check levels before actually recording the Master.

    A couple last suggestions:

    try the bass closer and played much softer ...should give a fuller, more sustained sound. I'm usualy ~18 "

    try the guitar same as bass but within about 12 to 14".

    I tend to start with all gain knobs at around 2 o"clock and adjust from there...shoot for averaging between 50 & 75% on the meter for each instrument.

    If you're planning on using youtube trial-run the mix through that and see how it changes the mix before publishing.

    Hope something here helps,


  • fiddlewood
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    an after-thought:

    Are you recording more than one thing at a time?

    I'd suggest each instrument get recorded alone...one track at a time, using headphones.

    I normally get all the rhythm stuff done first and then play leads over top of that

    If you want to record all at the same time, I'd suggest a mic for each individual instrument...but keep in mind it's more difficult to handle this all at once and get a good sound..

  • Thanks double A.

    Dave: Great feedback! I will definitely try those ideas out. I just recorded each one separately (as I was the only one playing) from around the same distance but like your idea on spacing/more dead room. Thankfully other family members with be playing the guitar,mandolin and bass when we actually do it (they are much better than I am) but I need to get this mix down process down beforehand. Thanks again for the feedback.

  • That sounds really good. What mic are you using?

  • John: Just the one the machine has built in to it. This is my first time trying to record music and I’m find out that there’s a lot more to this. Not looking for pro quality but would like it to be as good as possible. I was looking at maybe ordering a mic called FIFINE k690 just going off reviews. Any recommendations since I have no idea what I’m doing? (:

  • John (BGD)
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    @Brandon F - I believe you would like the built-in mic better than the FIFINE. It really sounds pretty decent!

  • John- good to know especially from someone who’s knows this stuff much more detailed than I do. I found out that mic won’t work due to connection issues anyways so it’s not meant to be. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Hakan Lindholm
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    Hi fiddlewood - I also have the Tascam DP-008EX. I bought it some years ago but then forgot about it for some reason. But now I have found it again and I must say it is so much easier to record on that machine than using all those DAWs. I think it has very good sound with the internal microphones.

     I see from the post above that you using the metronome with success.

    I have big problems with the volume for the metronome. The volume level is to low and is not usable on my unit. I have the setting to 100 (highest) but I can hardly hear it when I play the fiddle. (100 is the highest setting on my unit even if the manual states 127). I have seen some posts on the web with the same problem.

     I just wonder if you have the same problem or if the volume for the metronome is ok on your unit or if there is any other settings needed to fix the metronome?

     It really would be good to be able to use the internal metronome.



  • fiddlewood
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    @Hakan Lindholm

    HI, Yeah it's not really super loud, but I can hear it fine.

    I'll take look at my machine today and check the settings to share with you. I don't remember changing the volume ever once I got it set.


  • Hi, thanks for the information.

    It seems that it differs between units. I can hardly hear the metronome by its own,metronome volume on max ie 100 on my unit. If I play any other music at the same time, some other track or my fiddle then I can’t hear the metronome at all it drowns with the rest of the music even when played with very low volume. I think I will have to try out some other method if possible (import some externally recorded metronome tracks if possible).

  • I just checked

    I do have the level set at 100 (I never noticed it had a level before...haha

    with the headphone volume at 8 and the master volume at around the 3 o'clock position I can hear the metronome fine against the music tracks.

  • Thanks for checking - It seems to be different between units. With the same settings I can hear the metronome by itself very soft/low. With music I can't hear it at all.

  • I like your idea of importing metronome tracks

  • I know this is a couple months old now but I thought the recordings and playing sounded great. I was impressed.

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