Happy Year of the Tiger, everyone!


  • HNY to you, too Scott. :)

  • Thanks, Scott! Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year Great Scott! I hope you got to see some fireworks. WIshing you great luck in all your endeavors!

  • Many thanks, everyone for your warm wishes. Apologies. I am a little late coming to this thread due to unexpected technical issues. Y'all are such a great bunch of people! :) Stay happy and positive and keep reaching for the sky!

  • The last time someone told me to reach for the sky, he took my wallet and wristwatch.

  • LOL, John. That was probably me! Hee-hee-hee! :)

  • @John (BGD) you ARE kidding…..right? 😮

  • haha yes. Although someone did just steal my hydraulic wood splitter!

  • Yikes! Not cool! 😳 hope it’s found soon.

  • Happy New Year Lisa! I hope you were able to get your fiddle fixed.

    John, Sorry to hear about the theft of your wood splitter. I'll return it to you after I finishes using it. Fingers crossed. :)

  • John (BGD)
    edited March 26

    Lol you can pay me back in split wood! I thought I would buy the hydraulic splitter so my kids could split wood for me. It is totally manual, easier and safer than an axe. I did have the thought that maybe my children hid it somewhere?

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