Just Checking In, it's been a while

I am alive and kick in, I have been busy minding my own business driving a school bus for my local school, kids are driving me crazy, still playing music as much as I can, cannot complain though, cause I'm still a living so everything's OK !


  • Steve! Thanks for checking in :) It is great to hear from you. Hope you get a chance to sing to those kids every now and then. I bet they have no idea what you can do!

  • I just found out the forum is back up. Glad to see it and just checking in to see if it's working for me.....Rodger

  • Steve...great to hear from you. I'm sure driving a school bus would be a real test of the nerves...lol. Hope you can find time for that great singing you do and fiddling out some good ol' tunes too...John's right...it would probably shock those kids on the bus to see what their driver can do when he puts that musical hat on and picks up and instrument!

    Rodger...great to hear from you! Looks like the site is working for you. Are you finding time for fiddling these days?

    Everyone stay warm and well...man is it cold here where we are!

  • Hi Steve. Hi Rodger. Great to hear from you. Hope all is well. Welcome back to the forum. :)

  • Rodger, it's great to hear from you!

  • I'll have to get back in the habit of checking to see what's going on...will try to get some music up also. We had fiddle camp last August here in Alberta, and our winter camp scheduled for February...

  • Rodger, I really want to come back! We have been fostering and adopting, and I will start planning a trip again when these little ones are free and are able to get passports.

  • Wow! That's great news to hear John. We will work it in anytime you can come....

  • Welcome back, Steve and Rodger!

  • I've been wondering about each of you...glad to hear from you and see you back. Now I have to remember to check in and keep up with what's going on here....I guess I'm at the place with all that where some days I'm standing there trying to remember if I found a rope, or if I lost my horse?

  • Haha I know that feeling Roger

  • Rodger, the only way I can really keep up with these sorts of questions is to just try to remember that I don't have a horse...and viola, or voila, there's the easy answer...lol.

  • i took a break and I’m back. There is always something here to review and learn.. Being 75 yrs old my mind and fingers do not need a lot at once. I started learning fiddle at 57. There are many tunes that are plainly beyond my ability. But I love to learn and play all I can. BGD has been good for me.

    There are tunes here to learn that I don’t find other places. The methods John uses to teach are so very good!!!’

    When I took my fiddle to a good luthier, he was kind enough to show me his methods to repair and setup. I’m pretty fair with tools. So I now have setup and repaired lots of very old fiddles. It is good to know lots of tunes to use to check playability, tone and etc

    I love all of the string instruments. I spend my retirement days doing something with a fiddle for myself, my grandkids, and friends.

    I taught Vocation agriculture for 35 years and raised lots of livestock, so their was very little to take interest in anything else.

    I wish I had a fiddle as a child. I did take piano lesson for several years as a child. That has helped me with reading music

    Thank everyone for your participation.


  • GLad you are back, Larry. It's all just so much fun! Fiddling and working on fiddles is a great way to spend retirement.

  • Welcome back, Larry, and much happy fiddling to you!

  • We just got back from 2 months in Louisiana. Great time. We stayed at the horse camp in Central LA, and the woman who convinced us to come camped right next door. She plays guitar and sings. She even convinced her husband to try Dobro, so I sold her my "extra" one and gave him starter lessons. We attended alot of jams: Dulcimer jams, cajun jams, bluegrass & country jams. Music is alive and well in Louisiana.

    We've already booked for next January and February!

  • That sounds awesome! Good times all around.

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