Golden Lion Awards for 2021

Hi fellow fiddlers! After finally 'dragging myself off the beach', John and I had a discussion regarding the Golden Lion awards and decided that in fairness to all the members who were unable to access the website during the latter part of last year, the Golden Lion awards for 2021 would be cancelled. Our sincere apologies from all the team for this disappointing news.

For those newer members who are unfamiliar with our awards night, the GL awards are usually held around January 17 of every year, where all of the entries to the Lion's Den and Composer's Corner from the previous year are judged. That said, we are looking forward to the awards night in 2023, which should be a terrific event. So start posting your performance videos in the Lion's Den forum. And for the music composers, post yours in the Composer's Corner forum.

Are you thinking of becoming a sponsor of the GL awards to help make our awards night bigger and even better? Then please contact John via

Thank you, GS


  • Thanks Great Scott, I think that's best! Plus I am avoiding big crowds until this new covid wave passes. Or at least until this show melts! Over a foot feel at the house yesterday. At least now Morgen is big enough to dig me out!

  • I'm a little sad that it's cancelled for this year. I always look forward to taking part on the big night. I guess now you can put your tux back in the wardrobe till next year. :)

    WOW! Snow is one of the things that I've been missing. I remember the cold of Minnesota and the overnight snow being piled up high against the eight foot high windows. Didn't you give Morgen the snow shovel you bought her for Christmas? Still, she appears to be enjoying herself.

  • Wow...she's been taking her vitamins! Last time I saw any photos of her she was itty-bitty. They sure grow up fast, and yeah...time for a snow shovel for everybody when you get buried in that much snow. We got 'nuff here, but not that much...just maybe 4 or 5 inches I'd guess. If it gets too much worse I'll consider putting tiny shovels into the hands of our Chihuahuas and letting them help dig out.

  • I hope my possum-guacamole dip holds up until next year's Golden Awards. I had excitedly made a batch perhaps a bit too early. lol

  • That stuff 'll keep ferver, Fried!

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