Working on "Frenchie" the Fiddle

I grabbed the bull by the horns today and took the strings, bridge, tailpiece, tailpiece post, pegs and bridge all off the fiddle and cut a new soundpost and put a new bridge on it. Whew! I tried to use the old soundpost but it was too beaten up to really firmly contact the back and the top of the fiddle completely so it got replaced.

I also used a new bridge and reshaped it and sanded it to match the contours of old "Frenchie" which I believe to be built around 1910. I worked a whole lot on the new soundpost and got it positioned in what I would call a real "sweet" spot. It sounds great!

Then I put peg drops on the pegs, put a small dab of fiddler's grease on the fine tuners, cut the bridge grooves for the strings (I kept the same strings), shaped the end pin a little better and put the whole thing back together.

Wow! What a difference in tone! I am so happy that I finally got geared up to do this job.

I had an "A" string go bad on my 1834 fiddle yesterday at band practice and that was enough for me to get going on a back up that's dependable and good sounding.

Just thought I'd share. :)


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