Hi everyone, I'm sorry the user avatars did not import into the new forum! Please feel free to go into your profile and update your pic for us.


  • lisab
    edited January 2022

    updated found it!! Just to log out/in and redo it

    So, HOW do we add them? I went to my profile; clicked the drop down preference; clicked change picture, uploaded picture. Chose a picture, clicked “Use” from photo. Then nothing happened. Did I miss something?

  • Thanks for letting us know! Avatar looks good from here :)

  • Yeah it looks good, Lisa. Sometimes stuff like that doesn't show the change immediately...I gotta do mine one of these days...lol...I'll admit I'm very lazy when it comes to messin around with techie stuff...it's just a dread and I put it off as long as I can...one of these days I'll try to upload mine.

  • Good morning @cricket! It took me a minute…but since it was the avatar I used everywhere else, it wasn’t TOO terribly hard. I am REALLY liking this new format! It’s easier to get to your post from email to respond.

    have a great day!

  • Good morning, Lisa! It'll be great when we're all back and feeling settled in here again...lol...always kinda confusing to get into something new and different. But we'll get there...we all know BGD is a wonderful place to hang out.

  • @cricket i 2nd that. I’m responding via phone, and as soon as can log in with ease each time, I bet I can get in quicker to respond and post and thing.

    who knows? I might even make a presence in the Lion’s Den! 😮😉

  • Yay! Hope to see you in the Lion's Den!

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