Are we back, BGD people?

Hey, it looks like we really ARE back! Hope everybody jumps on board soon. Lots to talk about...lots of catching up to be done. Come on back!



  • Cricket, it's great to see you! Yes, it has been a while! I've been doing some more optimizations this evening. Working on making it better!

  • I can't wait to get started on here for the new year! Great to be back. I hope the others come on back soon.

  • Glad to see things here are up & running again. I can only imagine the work that had to get put into it...

  • Happy New Year! John, as Fiddlwood says, it's obviously a lot of work to keep things up and running on here. Great appreciation for all you have done.

    I have missed my BGD friends.

  • Really delighted to be back on the forum. Yahoo!

  • It was a lot of work! Still more to be done... I am quitting my teaching job at Appstate in May and I really want to have BGD running smoothly by then. I'm hoping to add a lot of content!

  • Quitting your job???? Are you retiring? Maybe you should buy a lottery Well I know it's so tough to balance work and have much else going on in your life at the same time. Somehow, with retirement, it all got worse for own fault for getting involved in fixing up everybody's house...time to wind that up and just quit. Anyhow...hope things all go smoothly for you, John.

  • I am retiring! But not buying lotto just yet... And yes I am hoping things go smoothly!

  • Yay! It worked! I haven’t been able to sign in in months!!!! Hi everyone, merry Christmas and happy New Year!!!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Kaeleigh! Looking forward to more of your music!

  • fiddlewood
    edited January 2022

    Hi Kaeleigh! Glad to see you made it back!

    Hope you had a great Holiday season!

  • So good to see you back, Kaeleigh! Happy New Year...let's have some music!

  • Website looks great. Thanks John for all the hard work. BGD keeps me motivated and continually learning more and more each month. Keep up good work. You are truly a blessing to so many fiddlers.

    Happy New Year my friend.


  • Thanks Mark and Happy New Year!

  • Hi Kaeleigh. Welcome back. :)

  • Hi, everybody! WOW it's been a long time. Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year, Maria!

  • Hi Maria. It's great to have you back on the forum. :)

  • Hi Everyone,

    It’s nice to see the Website is back up, for the New Year!

    One of my Resolutions is to get back to playing more…I got a bit overwhelmed, with Life, last year…

  • Hello Ed! Happy we are all back together again. Too bad it's too cold for your porch playing, but hopefully a lot warmer inside. Happy New Year...and play us some tunes!

  • I think I might be too stupid to start a new topic.

  • Welcome back to the forum Edmo45. Great to hear from you. :)

  • Hi everybody! Glad to see the convo up and going again. John...thanks for all your work on this. And congrats on your retirement!

    The 8th of Jan is my husband's birthday. So, in honor of his birthday today, I learned 8th of January on the fiddle....partially by listening to your Youtube, John....from about 12 years ago!


  • Hi Ed and Angela! Welcome back. :) Ed, I have also been a bit overwhelmed.

    Angela, can you drop us a YouTube link to The 8th of January? Click the third button at the bottom of the post box, with the two arrows. That should allow you to embed a YouTube video directly into the forum.

  • Glad things are back going strong. Happy New Year to all and happy retirement to John.

  • Hi Fran and Happy New Year to you! Great to hear from you.

  • Howdy everyone :) I am glad to see the forums are back! Yay!😁

  • Hi Patricia and Fran and Angela!

  • Oh cool!! It's nice to see all of y'all's pretty usernames again!

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