Moving back to New York, soon

Hey fellow members I will be off line for a while starting sometime Friday or Saturday as I have to pack up my grip, leave TN and head to Arkansas, pick up my wife and then spend a few days there before heading to the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York to live.

I lived there for 60 years and have been in the South for the last 11 years but decided to return home where my wife and I can be closer to children and grand children and other close relatives.

It will likely be a few days into October before I get internet service and am back online.

Peggy, I guess it's up to you to keep this place going. Hopefully some members will help you revive this forum. It's been dead lately.

Anyway, see y'all soon. Best Wishes. Fred


  • Fred, I hope that the move goes nicely for you guys and there aren't any problems.

    I am glad that you will be able to be near you kids and grand kids! That must be so nice for you and your wife.

    Sending prayers and all the good things!

  • Fred, what Maria said!  I hope the move all goes well and can't wait to see ya right back here.  Should be nice to be back with family.
  • Thank You, Maria. The only thing I'm not really looking forward to is all the driving. Even though I love travelling, it's just a long time sitting in the same seat. I have to first drive over 600 miles to Arkansas, stay a few days, drive 600 miles back to Tennessee, stay a few days and then drive 900 miles to the Adirondacks. But of course, it's all worth it a thousand times over to be reunited with my children and their children. :)

    I've made so many dear friends in TN and in AR that I may never see again and that troubles me, too. But maybe my wife and I will be able to fly back from time to time and visit them.

    Thanks, Peggy. Yes, I'll be looking forward to returning to this forum and visiting with my forum friends. It'll seem strange not being connected to the internet for so many days. I'm in the midst of learning to fiddle "A Tune For Andy", another Kenny Baker tune and I'll miss fiddling and working on that, too.

    I'll be on here a few more days.

    Thanks, Ladies. :)
  • Safe travels, Fred!
  • Thanks, Peggy. I appreciate it.

    I'm amazed at how many tunes I just love that are in the key of F. This "new" tune I'm learning ( A Tune for Andy) is also in F. Here's the link to it: <a href=""></a>

    After I get all settled in back in upstate New York, I'll record it and post it here. I've got it all in memory now but I can only play it slowly and a little fragmented on the second break. :)
  • Cool...can't wait to hear you play just sounds like your kinda tune!
  • Yes, Peggy, I'm having lots of fun with tunes in the key of F Major and one or two in D Minor.

    F: Crafton's Blues; Foghorn Leghorn; Smokey Mountain Rag; Kent Latch's Fiddle*; Hamilton Special; Mississippi Waltz; A Tune For Andy; Rank Stranger

    D Minor: Lonesome Moonlight Waltz; Lonesome Fiddle Blues;
  • Hard keys to play fiddle for our Fred though!
  • Leaving this morning for Arkansas where I'll be for around a week before returning here to TN. Then I'll be here a few days before heading to NY. I'm bringing a fiddle with me to help pass the time. :)
  • Safe and happy travels to you Fred.
  • Oh cool, be safe in your travels and let us know when you get moved in!
  • Hello y'all. My wife and I just arrived back in Tennessee from Arkansas. Dealt with stand-still traffic four times throughout the long day filled with 628 miles and 15.5 hours of driving/waiting/inching ahead. I just hope everyone was okay in the various traffic accidents.

    We'll rest here a few days before driving to the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

    It sure is nice to see so many folks back online and using the forum here at BGD. :)

  • Be safe Fred.  Thanks for checking in!  Yeah, people are wandering back to BGD forum...yay!!!
  • Had a great afternoon playing music instruments at our friends house today. They invited us (my wife and me) over for my birthday and my buddy just kept dragging out instrument after instrument that he owned and wanted to hear me play.

    By the time our visit was over (about 6 hours) I had played five different violins, three different mandolins and two banjos.

    Then they treated us to a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant (I had the Alaskan white fish and my wife had broiled chicken breast)

    My favorite fiddle was one from Germany which was engraved on the back of the scroll and was worded "Conservatory violin". What a sweet sounding violin it was.   :)
  • Sounds like a wonderful day!  Good memories to take with you back to New York.
  • Back in New York state now and finally online and looking forward to this forum being more active now. Been fiddling a little as time permits. Lots to do to get moved in. :)
  • Awesome! Welcome back
  • Well, I have moved back to Arkansas and have been living here in Heber Springs for about a month. Mary and I are in a beautiful home and I'm in two bands and one duo and staying very busy. :)

    It's wonderful to be able to use the Bluegrass Daddy Forum again. Thank you Dr. John for making this possible. Fred

  • Ok...are we back up now? Wow...I've missed everybody here. As Fred says, thanks so much to John for working so hard to allow us to chat about our fiddling adventures with each other here.

    Fred, hope you and Mary enjoy being back in Arkansas!

    Hope we all get back together here soon!

  • You bet! It should be back up for good now, even though it is not yet properly connected to the site. Hope you are settled in!

  • This sorta thing happened to a guitar forum I used to get onto once in a while and they never did get back up, as far as I know. Great accomplishment that BGD is back, and forum back to boot. Happy, happy!

  • Thank You so much, Peggy. Mary and I enjoy living in Heber Springs. We managed to find a beautiful home right across from one of the band members of "Hit or Miss", the Bluegrass group I'm with here in the Natural State. It's about a 40 minute drive to Mountain View, the Folk Music Capital of the World!

    We plan to continue visiting New York but decided against returning there to live; too many politics and too large expenses. (And too few musicians).

  • I hear ya on that. Hope you enjoy your Arkansas home!

  • Fred, I'm glad you found a place to settle down!

  • Thank You so much, John, for all you've done.

    I live directly across the street from a luthier who is very good at repairing fiddles and re-hairing bows. He also plays mandolin in our Bluegrass band and he and I have a little duo we're working on in which we play Gypsy jazz and old Hogey Carmichael tunes, etc. I'm having fun ad-libbing fiddle melodies along with these jazz patterns.

    It's a great place to live.

  • I hope you'll make a recording for us!

  • You bet, John. He's setting up a studio in his shop and when he gets familiar with Cakewalk, we'll probably get into some recording. He plans to use his keyboard to play bass and drums along with him playing a piano sound and I'll play fiddle along with him.

  • That's awesome! Cakewalk is good.

  • I hope you have settled into your new home, Fred. Hope we can hear some of that cool Gypsy jazz sometime. :)

  • Well, after all was said and done, he changed his mind and downloaded the free version of

    "Audacity" and he's doing a great job getting everything recorded and sent to me to practice.

    We're coming along slowly but surely on getting everything moved in. My buddy has his studio all set up temporarily and I'll try some recording fairly soon and see how it all goes. The two of us are getting set up to play weddings and cocktail gigs this spring and summer. Should be a barrel of fun.

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