Smithville Jamboree

I'm on stage at 1:37:00, 2:15:00 and 2:45:50

I'll add other videos as I find them



    On stage at 2:45:45 and 3:40:15

    On at 1:19:40 and 1:52:30

    I joined the band as a bassist about a minute before we walked on stage, with a bass I borrowed right after I joined the band
  • Great videos, Gunnar. I enjoyed them all. :)
  • Wow...Gunnar!  You were great...I just watched the banjo, fiddle and guitar appearances, barefoot and all...from the first video.  Awesome...I see much music in your future!  Are you still gonna speak to us here when you are famous?????  lol...seriously good playing.  I'd like to watch that whole video on the first post one of these days when I get enough time...I've never been to those types contests, but heard a lot about them and looks like a lot of fun.

    I can't wait to come back and watch the other videos you linked.  Thanks so much for linking them and sharing your musical experiences with us.  You're so good on all the instruments.
  • Thanks y'all!

    Cricket, I'm not even famous and I'm not on here as much as I want..... But I'll try lol.

    I also found this video in which I'm inaudibly playing dobro in a jam. Probably right before the dobro contest, in which I did not place
  • Finally caught the other several performances.  You were so right-at-home with all of that...excellent!  Thanks again for sharing.  Those were just great, and looked like great fun!
  • Fantastic Gunnar
    It’s been fun seeing your progress over the years and then to see you enter every category and play so poised!! And to place! That’s awesome. Congrats and thanks for sharing this with us.
  • Thanks y'all!
  • Great videos! Nice playing Gunnar
  • Gunnar…how do you get your guitar player? Just ask? Do you tip them? Always been curious about that
  • Thanks Brandon!

    Angela, I just asked. I had Justin Branum (who is an amazing fiddler) and I had been chatting with him and his wife (who I've been a fan of for a while) and I just asked if he could back me up. He said sure, so I had a guitarist. I think some folks would work out a deal for if you win you pay your guitarist a portion of the winnings, but a lot of folks will play guitar for people for free too
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