Posting multiple threads with the same theme -- PLEASE READ

I have a request for all the BGD members: Can you please not post multiple threads in the same forum that have the same / similar theme, example: there are THREE threads in this "What else is on your mind?" forum; all created one month apart. This is totally unnecessary.

April 8, 2021 Maria created the thread 'What are y'all doing nowadays?'

May 16, 2021 Cricket created the thread 'What's up everybody?'

June 3, 2021 Cricket created the thread 'Where y'all at?'

These three threads all carry the same theme of 'What's everyone up to?'

While it's great to see everyone keeping in touch via the forum, it is not necessary to keep creating multiple threads with the same theme. Please allow ONE thread to run to around <strong>5 pages</strong> before creating a new thread with the same theme. Doing this will streamline the forum and not have it all over the place like a mad woman's breakfast.

Public whippings and stonings will be held at noon each Saturday. Stones and whips are available for purchase at the venue, tax included. Cheap coffee and bagels are also available for purchase.

Thank you all for your understanding, GS


  • I could bring my own coffee but gonna have to buy a whip.  Lol...thanks for the gentle reminder, Scott!
  • I should add, I sure do miss Rock...anybody know where he is?  Not only was he the same forum rascal as I tend to we could share the blame, but he was also a fun guy to be around.  Anybody know anything about our fiddling friend, Rock?  Hope he's doing ok.
  • Thanks for your understanding, Cricket.  I really wasn't singling out any particular member, so forgive me if my post may have read that way.  We are very happy to have you as a very regular and THE most forum contributor, which is a good thing. Your posts are all interesting and your Lion's Den contributions are amazing.

    As for Rock, I have no idea of what he's up to these days. I do know that his dad passed away a few years ago, and after that was pretty much the last we heard from him. I have sent greetings to him and to a couple other members via this forum and hoped that Rock and those other members would some time check in to BGD and know that despite their absence, they are very much missed and that we are all thinking of them.
  • I didn't take it as my being singled out, Scott...but, well...I do know I'm guilty of the

    Thanks for contacting some of the old friends from here...I hope they will drop in once in a while and get back in touch.
  • Okay, thanks Cricket.  And now that you have admitted to being the culprit, your flogging will be this coming Saturday at noon; so cancel all other appointments. Or you may prefer to be stoned. Either one is still a lot of fun -- for the spectators, that is. And no, you can't being your own coffee: we don't take too kindly to coffee stains on the whipping post or around the stoning area.  You are, though, permitted to bring along your own doctor.  :)
  • No coffee??? That's just not fair!
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