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  • Gonna be lots of extra-happy jammers in the coming months!  Hopefully the drives won't be too much of a hassle for you, Lisa.
  • Fred, I hope you are finding yourself well today.  And, one time you said something like..."the fifth of the fifth," if I'm remembering right.  Now I find myself still trying to figure out why it would be called that instead of the II chord...lol...you gotta straighten me out on that before I lose my mind.
  • Hi Peggy. I'll try to explain. I'm probably the only one left on this big wide planet that still thinks like this, but anyway, I'll have a go at it.

    A typical Major scale has numbers associated with it. For example, let's take an E Major scale: E F# G# A B C# D# and E. The Major scale has a neat way of remembering how to build it. "Two wholes, a half, three wholes, and a half. The first half tone comes after the "color tone" and the last half tone is the "leading" tone. So an E Major triad is E G# and B. If you count the steps, E to F# is one step, F# to G# is the next step (G# is the color tone) G# to A is a half step, A to B is a whole step, B to C# is a whole step, C# to D# is a whole step and D# to E is a half step. The E Major chord is comprised of the 1st 3rd and 5th steps of the Major scale. The 4th step of the scale is the root tone of the four chord A C# E (Subdominant) and the 5th step of the scale is the Dominant B D# F#.

    The idea behind the 5-of-5 chord is that in the key of E, for example, the 5 chord is B (B D# F#). The 5 of this chord (B D# F#) would be formed from a B Major scale: B C# D# E F# G# A# B. The 5th step in a B Major scale if F#. Thus a 5-chord in the key of B is an F# chord: F# A# C#.

    Folks in Nashville a long time ago tried to figure out a way to simplify the numbering system so that folks who didn't want to learn music theory could have a way to talk over the chords within a piece of music. Roman numerals were chosen many years before this and they were selected for this simplified system as well.

    In the key of E Major, a capital 2 written in Roman numeral form was meant to take the otherwise Minor second step and make it Major i.e. ii to II (Minor to Major).

    There really isn't a capital II in a Major scale, it is a Minor ii. V of V is a proper way to indicate what is modulating. I am the only person left on Earth who feels this way. lol

    I fully well understand why the change was made although I am quite reluctant to use such a derivation. :)

    I hope you have a cup of coffee handy when you read all this babble. ha ha

    I didn't do all that well at the dr's. More on it later as I find out more. :) Thanks for asking.
  • Ok I do have coffee and I read this through twice.  Tell me if I am understanding, ok?  You're saying that since if you play a II chord in any given key (I have to speak from guitar person understanding...lol), the appropriate chord is a minor, so you probably oughta designate that ii...and Nashville people took this a step further and used regular numbers...and if you find yourself using a II, major, instead of the ii, minor...you'd be modulating...to a new key or something...and then it would function more as the five of the fifth instead of the major two of the original root chord??? Thus the 2, in Nashville, meaning the fifth chord of the original key's fifth chord? Should I make another pot of coffee????
  • And I hope you are feeling great today!
  • You got it, Peggy. That's some mighty potent coffee you're drinking there!

    Note: the 5 of 5 chord is very popular in music and is used many times over in pieces of music that do not modulate to different keys. The music theory explanation of why the minor two ii chord is made into a major two II is that the color tone of the major two is made into a leading tone which leads (resolves) to the five chord.

    For example...take the key of C major. The tonic is CEG, the subdominant is FAC, and the dominant is GBD. By employing the 5 of 5 (major II) after the tonic CEG the notes become D F# and A. The F# (ordinarily the F would be a natural) then resolves to the G note in the 5 chord.

    In other words, CEG, D F# A, GBD creates a stronger resolution that a D minor chord DFA as the resolution from the F natural to the G is not as strong.

    Doctor says I can start picking again this Sunday. I'm missing a band practice tonight and a super-duper jam session tomorrow. :(
  • I get it only if I imagine guitar chords...lol...the note names are tough for me...but I think maybe I got it now.  Thanks for the thorough explanation.  Sunday's comin' up soon...enjoy the pickin and fiddlin!
  • Peggy, one more thing that's fun to know about and employ in playing guitar chords along with a tune. It's the V7 chord. The 7 (of the V7) has a nice resolution to the color tone of the tonic chord. For example: Take a tune in the key of C. The scale is C D E F G A B and C. The tonic chord is C E G. The subdominant chord is F A C. The dominant  chord is G B D. The dominant seven chord (V7) is G B D and F natural. This F natural resolves to the color tone of the tonic chord which is the E of the C E G. There is strong tension on the F natural to resolve to the color tone of the C chord.

    To check this out on a guitar, play a C chord using a full GCEGCE and then strum a G7 chord using these notes: GBDGBF. Note how the B note (the leading tone in a C scale) has a strong tension to resolve to the C note in the C chord and the F note of the G7 has a strong tension to resolve to the E note of the C chord.

    (I'm looking forward to pickin' on Sunday!) :)
  • uh-ok...I'll try that...not sure I got it exactly because I just don't know the notes...you mean a G chord with a flattened 7th or with the not-flattened 7th?   And...I do hope you have fun tomorrow!
  • Flattened 7th. :) Thanks.
  • Lol...thanks for getting back with me on that.  Thanks so much for all your pro help with musical "stuff"...can get confusing without access to an expert!
  • Love both your Chinquapin Huntin' videos. :)
  • Thanks, Fred!
  • I'm learning to fiddle "Crafton Blues" in the key of F. It's a real catchy tune. Has anyone here on the forum tried it?

    <a href="https://youtu.be/O8vcyqDf2Bc">https://youtu.be/O8vcyqDf2Bc</a>
  • Here's another one I absolutely love: "A Fool Such as I", a ballad sung by none other than Hank Snow: <a href="https://youtu.be/qtJz_Wm-gG0">https://youtu.be/qtJz_Wm-gG0</a>

    That's Chubby Wise playing fiddle on this old tape.
  • Fred, that Crafton Blues sounds like Texas fiddling!  You'll have to play it for us one of these days when you get some time for that sorta thing...probably really hard to play...lol...I'm guessin'.

    Well Chubby Wise shoulda been called "Slim Wise" back in those days...lol...wow he was skinny...and his fiddling has always sounded so doggone nice, hasn't it?  Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your new tunes...hope to hear the official Fred version of these at some point or other!
  • Hi Peggy. I'd say Crafton Blues is on par with Foghorn Leghorn for difficulty in playing. But, they're really not that bad at 3/4 speed. Later on I'll have them up to full. I can play Foghorn Leghorn at full speed but only maybe three times through before I goof up a little. Oh well, it's coming.

    Yes, I believe Crafton Blues is Texas fiddling.

    With regard to "Fool Such as I", Chubby Wise was such a tasty fiddler and knew just the right time to slur in a bluesy note or two.

    If and when I get settled down from playing out so much and also visiting doctors, I'll get going on some recording. :)
  • I've just refreshed myself on playing Cheyenne in G Minor again. I haven't played this tune in quite a while and it's a fun tune. I ran into some fellas the other night that were picking it and I was rusty but I'm ready for next time. lol

    <a href="https://youtu.be/bNVwraoJ18Q">https://youtu.be/bNVwraoJ18Q</a>
  • Are you still in TN?
  • Yes, Peggy. I see my heart doctor this morning at 11:15. Supposed to go over medicines I'm taking and discuss new meds.

    Having a blast playing pool with several of my old buddies here during early afternoon hours on weekdays and playing Bluegrass several nights a week and on weekends. I just connected with another group I used to perform with and they want me to join and play several gigs they have booked. It's gonna be hard to return to Arkansas after all this heart stuff is solved because I love TN so much, but I have to. My wife is there and I love her too. :)
  • Refreshed myself on a few more in the last few days:  Old Dangerfield, Huckleberry Hornpipe and I Don't Love Nobody. All in the key of A and all great fiddle tunes. Having lots of fun burning through these tunes. :)
  • Sounds like a great summer, Fred.  Already the 4th of July!!!  How'd that happen so quick?  Hope other BGDers are enjoying this summer too!  It's going awful fast.
  • The summer sure is going fast. Wow! I hope Gunnar and Dr. John got to meet up and pal around a little. :) I would love to get over there and meet John but every time I end up in Tennessee I get swamped with playing gigs (got two today and one tomorrow).

    Start my new heart meds this Monday. I'm waiting until I have a few days in a row with no commitments because I may get dizzy and have headaches while first getting used to the meds.
  • Hope you do great with the new meds, Freds...ok, I just had to make that rhyme...lol.  Take it easy my friend and get used to them so you can run back out to all the music places again.  Yes, I hope John is having a great summer and hope people are able to get out there and visit and play...Gunnar, and anyone else here who can get out there.
  • Hi all,

    For the YouTube "Fools Such as I"... I would have never guessed that was Chubby Wise on the fiddle!

    Fred, hoping your heart gets to doing what it should--and well :) Glad you're able to immerse yourself into some fiddle tunes. I want to... hubby wants to go here, there and yonder, and I just want to stay home and play lol.
  • Hi Lisa, Yes, I know Chubby looks pretty young there, doesn't he? Thanks for your comments about my health. I appreciate it. I hope you get to fiddle some tunes at your leisure around the house.
  • I'm having fun with BGD's "Sweet Georgia Brown" lesson. John's a heck of a fiddler. That's for sure!

    I've always wanted to learn this tune and by cracky I'm gonna do it! lol
  • Good luck with that one, Fred.

    I'm having so much frustration and computer/Presonus/recording trouble I'm just thinking to just stop trying.  I have no jams, at least none that I've ever enjoyed, no jamming pals and no places to play...which is why i record multi-track in the first place...so i'm no sure where I'm at with it now...thinking just quiet back porch with one instrument at a time...don't know what else to do.  The last several recordings I did were just full of technical problems...I've crashed 3 computers with my recording studio...apparently none of them could handle it or something.  Now this new computer is acting up and the recording is just not working out for me...it used to be so easy to do, but all kinds of technical frustrations keep popping up and I don't know how to deal with them or handle them.  The last recording I put on youtube, I couldn't hear it or mix it and I just went by the sizes of Blobs in the tracks and the little meter on the side that shows if you clip or not...lol...that ain't a fun way to play multi tracks.  I don't know, maybe you need an Apple computer or something...something's just wrong with my setup...I'm getting too frustrated and can't ever hear what I'm doing.
  • Hey Fred, I was just now catching up on all the goss in this forum and I was wondering how your heart problem is coming along.  Hope it's getting better and you are able to get around and enjoy yourself -- traveling and playing fiddle with your buddies etc.  Sorry you're not able to get along to enjoy John's fiddle camp. Maybe next year. The fiddle camp recital night is really gnarly, dude. Try and get to that if you can. I think it's sometime in August.

    And I was awed by your list of tunes that you are currently playing. Cool list.
  • Thank You for inquiring about my health, Scott. I appreciate that. I'm getting used to an additional  medicine at present. I'm suffering with a splitting headache for several hours per day a few hours here and a few hours there but overall, the angina has lessened noticeably and I sure appreciate that. I think I'm slowly getting a reduction in amount and intensity of headaches which is promising.

    I'm scheduled for another echogram in early August. Then perhaps the decision will be made as to either continuing with the new meds or undergoing more bypasses.

    I'm able to travel around and pick with my buddies and am doing so at nearly every invitation.

    Some day I truly hope to meet John.

    My fiddle list is increasing almost daily. Right now I'm having a blast learning "Long Cold Winter".

    Have a great day. :)
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