What's up, everybody?

Hey...I'm thinking, guessin', that we're all extra-overwhelmed with our newly emerging freedom...kinda like those 17-year cicadas coming out in my area here...we all feel like that too...finally emerging from our darkness and flying up to the light of day.  Well, for us, it's a lot of work on the houses we've gotten strapped down with over recent years... trying to think how to ever get caught up...and lookin' at a summertime of running up and down the road trying to get caught up.  I was hoping to get my little website going good with music discussion, etc., but it's been so long now since I was there I don't even remember how to get to it...lol...gonna have to bug my grandson when there's time to think about that.  I'll be glad if we can get our work done by end of summer and then get some sort of regular normalcy going on again. I'm behind on the garden already too...lol...I guess we'll get it all back together if we just get to work and get it all done.

Hope everybody here has things together to enjoy the emerging  lives and find the new norm, enjoy it as much as our cicadas seem to enjoy theirs.


  • I noticed the other night here in TN there was a freeze warning. It seems kind of late in the year for that doesn't it? I fully well understand freezing temperatures in the Adirondacks this time of year but I'm a little surprised at hearing them in east TN.

    Oh well. Everything seems to be crazy lately. :)
  • We've had some late snows here in KY and some late freezes this year too...unusually cool spring weather.  We'll be heading to TN in a few weeks to get back to our work that we stopped three years ago...lol...not on purpose, just one thing after another and then the insane year of 2020 on top of all of that.
  • Well, here I go again. I can't stand listening to Byron Berline's version of the fiddle tune "Foghorn Leghorn" without learning how to play it. I've got the first part down where I can play it slowly and now I'm working on figuring out the B part which seems fairly simple. It's in the key of F and it is a blast to play!

    <a href="https://youtu.be/1a_STUJasEI">https://youtu.be/1a_STUJasEI</a>


  • Oh my gosh that sounds hard!  You'll have to play it for us when you get it down, Fred.
  • Will do, Peggy. F is really a pretty key and lots of tunes aren't that hard to play in it. I also like Hamilton Special, by Aubrey Haynie. I learned this one a few months back. :)

    <a href="https://youtu.be/4gp93p7nKYQ">https://youtu.be/4gp93p7nKYQ</a>

  • That's a nice one!  I know you've said many times F is a great fiddling key.  I'll take your word on that...lol...but I'm just not in that league yet...lol.
  • To me, F is cool. The basic chords are F= F A C; Bb= Bb D F; C= C E G and the relative minor chords are: Dm= D F A; Gm= G Bb D; A= A C# E.

    Another beautiful tune using these chords is "Lonesome Moonlight Waltz" by Bill Monroe. I love this waltz. <a href="https://youtu.be/w0EmHR9znSw">https://youtu.be/w0EmHR9znSw</a>

    Notice how the "color tone" of the dominant chord in F major (C chord) is the note E which resolves to the F note. Also notice in the relative minor key that the "color tone" of the dominant chord in D minor (A C# E) is the note C# which resolves to the note D.
  • It's cool.  You keep this up and I might just have yet another look at fiddling in F...lol.
  • I had a wonderful time playing fiddle for 2 hours with "Midnight Grass" on Friday night in Unicoi, TN and also I went to Rheatown on Saturday night and fiddled for 3 1/2 hours with a few really good musicians there at the weekly Bluegrass jam session . Today, I'm invited to the weekly Bluegrass picking party held mostly every Sunday afternoon in Gray, TN. I'll play fiddle here, too.

    It's just so much fun to be able to get back out there and play some Bluegrass after such a long period without it! :)
  • Great, Fred...glad you are enjoying those opportunities.

    Anybody else getting back with their jammin' pals?
  • Thanks, Peggy. I even learned "Welcome to New York" and "Over the Waterfalls" last night. So cool! :)
  • Cool...I don't know the Welcome to New York one...how is it?  I've played Over the Waterfall since before I played fiddle...lol...played on other instruments and finally on fiddle in standard tuning...it's a fun old tune, for sure.
  • We're so far out in the bush we didn't have to change much of anything here.  The main time we knew what was going on is when we went to town and sometimes had to put a mask on to go in a store.  But here on the Reserve it never shut down gatherings etc.  or changed the ways people interacted like visiting each other, shaking hands or giving someone a hug etc.  So I guess we missed all the stuff you folks had to go through.
  • Probably not too many places in the whole world who got through it like y'all did up there, Rodger. And so much of the world is STILL going through it too...really, we are lucky here in the U.S. to have gotten a hold of enough vaccine to quickly cover everybody.  It's really changed things fast.  I hope we can assist other countries that are in a deep struggle with this thing so life can get back to normal for everybody all over the place.
  • Here's a video produced by my friend, Dan Boner who is director of the Bluegrass college at ETSU in Tennessee. Dan is so amazing and this video is so touching I just had to post it here. Life in West Virginia is so similar to the way I grew up in 1950 in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate NY.

    I bought my first steel guitar from Dan a few years back. He's is an incredibly talented musician to say the very least. Hope you enjoy.

    <a href="https://youtu.be/_nPQE1jXIvQ">https://youtu.be/_nPQE1jXIvQ</a>
  • I just had time to watch the beginning, but so far, looks like home to me...lol.  I'll try to get back to it later. Looks good. There's a neat movie I'd recommend to anyone who likes the bygone days in a rural culture and the music that carries on forward...called The Fifth String, done by my friend Dwight Diller and his buddy John Morris, the best fiddler anywhere around.  It might be out of print and hard to get, but...well the acting is amateur, with those guys and locals just playing their own parts, but the story and the gist of the concept of the movie, plus especially the music itself, is pure genuine rural, old timey stuff that still lives through the surviving music, and in a lot of our memories, those of us who have lived in the recent rural past.  If you can get your hands on it, anyone who likes that kinda stuff will probably love it.  I believe anyone who wants to have a good look inside old time music styles might love it too.
  • I just learned another couple of fiddle tunes that I've now thrown into my list of fun tunes to play. They are: "Cheatham County Breakdown" (key of C) and "North Carolina Breakdown" (key of G), both from the old fiddler Arthur Smith. They are really simple, easy to pick tunes and fun to improvise on. Give them a try anyone who is interested. Super tunes and super fun! :)

    <a href="https://youtu.be/nOrstX1qxLc">https://youtu.be/nOrstX1qxLc</a>

    <a href="https://youtu.be/Upw1LX-veTI">https://youtu.be/Upw1LX-veTI</a>

  • Thanks for sharing, Fred!
  • You're very welcome, Peggy. Here are a couple of others I'm having a blast fiddlin':

    Red Apple Rag <a href="https://youtu.be/XVYTi-xsAsU">https://youtu.be/XVYTi-xsAsU</a>

    Charmaine <a href="https://youtu.be/xniPDqfRyTo">https://youtu.be/xniPDqfRyTo</a>
  • Those sound like good ol' Texas style fiddlin'!
  • Well I wasted half the day trying to record something on my presonus...everything was either inaudible, barely audible or clipping so much it was terribly distorted...I went through and recorded each part several times until it hit me I had lots of work waiting for me and was getting nowhere on my presonus...lol...ugh frustrating.  Don't know why it does stuff like that sometimes.  Since our computer crashed and we reloaded and got studio one 2 on there...weird stuff like this happens all the time...obviously, I don't know what i'm doing.  Oh well...another day maybe things will work out better, hey?  Busy time though, not much time for recording.
  • I hope you're able to get it all figured out and record whatever you wanted to. Oddly enough, I was able to record three fiddle tunes two days ago without any hassles whatsoever. I didn't try to put any accompaniment with them because I only wanted to get the tunes recorded so that I can refer back to them should I start to forget them. But I was totally blown away that I didn't have any problems. This is not the way things go for me usually in the studio. lol

    Good luck, Peggy. :)
  • Wow...congrats on that one, Fred!
  • Current Fiddle Tunes I'm Playing:

    A     Sweet Memory Waltz
    A     Devil's Dream
    A     Missouri Road
    A     Gold Rush
    A     Charmaine
    A     Blue Mountain Waltz
    D     Blue Violet Waltz
    D     Over the Waterfalls
    D     Beautiful Dreamer Waltz
    G     Dreamer's Waltz
    G     North Carolina Breakdown
    G     Wheel Hoss
    G     Indian Killed a Woodcock
    G     Dance With Me, Kenny
    G     Acoustic Toothpick
    G     Louisville Breakdown
    G     The Old Mountaineer
    G     Hamilton County Breakdown
    F     Hamilton Special
    F     Foghorn Leghorn
    Dm     Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
    G     Gardenia Waltz
    Am     Jerusalem Ridge
    Am     Jay Mountain*
    Bb     April's Reel
    Bb     Sweet Bunch of Daisies
    Bb     Windy City Rag
    Bb     New Camptown Races
    G     Shucking the Corn
    G     Groundspeed
    G     Redwing
    G     Red Apple Rag
    D     Panhandle Rag
    D     Two O'clock in the Morning
    C     Cheatham County Breakdown
    C     Grassy Fiddle Blues
    C     Ashland Breakdown
    C     Billy in the Low Ground
    D     Lost Indian
    Bm     Alder Brook*
    A     Maple Sugar Rag
    A     Road to Columbus
    A     Big Country
    A     Virginia Darling
    A     Cherokee Shuffle
    F     Smokey Mountain Breakdown
    E     Footprints in the Snow
    E     Dry and Dusty
    Em     Southern Flavor
    D     Cuckoo's Nest
    D     Whiskey Before Breakfast
    D     Liverpool Hornpipe
    D     Ragtime Annie

    E    Brown County Breakdown

    D    Long Bow

    D    Paris Waltz

    F    Mississippi Waltz

    C    East Tennessee Blues

    etc, etc
  • That's an impressive list, Fred!  Gee I only recognize about half of them...you'll have to go through them all at some point or other for us here...lol...some day.  Have fun with your summer jams and gigs.
  • Thanks, Peggy. I will play a bunch of them for y'all at some point.

    I've got to go in to the hospital this Thursday for a catheterization exploratory in my heart arteries. The dr's will probably put some more stents in. I hope I don't have to have any more bypasses. (I already have 4 stents and 5 bypasses that have lasted all this time from way back in 2006 when I had my big old heart attack).

    In any event, I'll just be glad to get rid of all this chest pressure. I can hardly walk without getting pressure. I really think a stent or two might fix me right up. Sure hope so.

    I imagine I won't be able to fiddle for a few days after I get out but the good part is that I'll feel so much better. :)
  • Wishing the very best for successful tests and procedures...gettin' you back on your feet at fiddling again soon.  Let us know how it all goes... gotta take good care of the ticker!  Take it easy Fred and get all well again soon!  I will send good wishes and prayers.
  • Thank You very much, Peggy. I really appreciate it. :)  I aim to fiddle right up until the morning they take me in. lol
  • WOW! Great posts and links here. After I post this, I want to go back and listen to the youtube videos posted.

    In these areas, I am in jam heaven! Every other week, there's a jam on Monday and Friday, with a jam EVERY week on Thursdays.  "coming soon" will be a jam every other Tuesday. Downfall is each one of them is an hour away. Drive is easy--it's just so far for me. With gas prices increasing---well... we aren't none getting out of here alive. Might as well enjoy as I can. Enjoy I have--very grateful for these opportunities!
  • Sounds wonderful, lisab. It's really nice that jamming is opening up again in your area. Have a great day! :)
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