Open Jams in North Florida and South Georgia

Hi all,

It seems I can't edit a post that I created before today, so I'm trying something different. Jams are starting to open up around these parts--with caution. I've taken the ones I know of and have put them on a Google Map. I TRIED to share with y'all when Nancy said she was moving to Florida, but the link didn't work (was trying on my phone--itty bitty screen). MAYBE I can get the link to post here. Fingers crossed! If someone could let me know if the link works on your end?


<a href="">Bluegrass Jams of FLorida</a>


  • Thanks for posting this. I might try to get to the one near Brunswick GA when we travel through in a few weeks.
  • You’re welcome! Thank you for posting...that means the linked worked. I had issues with it ?
  • Hi Lisa,
    How did you find out about these sessions? Is there a website, organization, or mailing list I could get on to receive notifications?
    I am in Southwest Florida and would love to find some jams down here.
  • me. Pix2inspire at gmail. I have some info on jams in SW FL
  • Hi Carole,

    I got most of the information from <a href="">North Florida Bluegrass Association.</a> However, a lot of the information on there is out of date, as it's not been updated in quite a while due to CoVid. From their list of ongoing jams, I called/emailed each one that had information listed to see if they had opened back up. If you don't see them on the map I made, that means they've let me know that their jam is no longer meeting.

    If anyone on here knows of any jams you'd like me to add--Florida or not, please let me know!
  • I found this link online as well--for the South Florida people. Disclaimer: I've not Searched it in depth, but when the winter months get closer, might be something to check in to, for the interested parties...

    <a href="">Southwest Florida Bluegrass Association</a>
  • Here’s another group with info:
  • I had no problem opening you jam map.  It works great.  The only problem is see is that it should be nationwide and not just the extreme southeastern U.S.
  • Hi Jim!

    I’d be glad to add some more jams to it. Do you know of some ongoing jams, open to the public, elsewhere? In the blurbs on the map I want to include when the jam meets, contact number/email, and any other tidbits of information.

    adding other jam information would be helpful for people on vacation or such.
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