John's Birthday today

Please join me in sending special Birthday greetings to John for his Birthday on April 21.

All that relaxation in the Caribbean has made him look even younger than his (XX) years. **Covers mouth and giggles** :)


  • <em><strong>HAPPY BIRTHDAY!</strong></em>
  • Happy birthday Mr. Cockman!!! Have a blessed year!
  • Happy Birthday to our phenomenal BG Daddy!  Hope it's a great day and wonderful year ahead for yourself and family.
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Cockman!!
  • Happy Birthday Dr. John. <img src="" alt="" />
  • Been out for a while but drop in from time to time to see what is going on.

    everything ok with John? I see didn’t reply? Seems to be less and less traffic/activity these days.
  • Thanks for dropping by, Eddie. He's okay. I guess a lot of members are still coming to terms with the ill health of the nation at the moment. Maybe that's why there's less activity here on the forums. Just a guess. But the forums are still going strong with several really great people. I think the Lion's Den is probably the busiest these past few months . . . which is a good thing. Have a great day.
  • Hi everyone and thank you for the birthday wishes! I really do appreciate that. I apologize for being very slow on the forum recently. Some life events have caused me to become quite overloaded but I an thankfully seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Jennifer and I adopted a two-year old son last year and have recently taken in infant twins which we hope to adopt. We also took in a friend of our daughters who was forced to leave her home so we currently have seven kids, lol. It has been a lot of work but worth it! We are also in the process of building a house while living in this house, but my preliminary work of cutting and clearing and digging is now mostly done and I have a builder taking over the rest of the construction. I am also in the process of retiring from Appalachian State University, so the fall semester should be my last! Fiddle Camp is cranking up and the first camp will be June 1st. We still can't use the Blowing Rock park but it will be at our home like in the old days. I am looking forward to showing you all some photos and video from that! I also have plans and lessons for BGD that are in the works. The old BGD studio became living quarters but I have now finished moving into a new studio, which I am excited about. I am traveling this week but looking forward to getting back into the studio when I get back! I love you all and look forward to hearing more from you in the future. John (BGD)
  • The only grass that grows under John's feet is Bluegrass! :)
  • Wow...John...amazing buncha stuff going on there!  Great to hear from you.  Busy life!
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