My grandson made me a website

Here's a link.  Not much on it right now...he's busy with a lot of projects, so this is just the start so far.  Have a look.  It's mostly my opinions about folk music.  Have a look if you're interested.

<a href=""></a>


  • Very, very nice. I've been all through it so far. I like it a lot. With the kazillion videos you've made, it won't be too long and the site will be very busy and very entertaining and informative. This is wonderful. Congrats!
  • Thanks, Fred.  It's mainly just my crazy opinions about this n that in Old Time playing...probably not worth a whole lot, but something fun for me to do, something fun for my grandson to manage for me.
  • How about a video on how you go about recording one of your singing/playing videos?  I think that would be very informative. Just a thought..............:)
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Fred...sounds like a good idea.
  • Thinking about this, I really need something more than this old Chromebook to record something like that on...thinking about all of it, I do need something better than this Chromebook...freezes up, cancels out one sound over another, distorts, etc.  Gonna have to start doing things differently.
  • When I see the title of this thread (" My grandson made me a website,"), my internal response seems to be, "Doo-dah, doo-dah," idea just seems to fit.
  • Oh, that's funny! I no longer feel alone in the world. lol
  • Okay, I can't WAIT to explore your website in depth! I like the way it's set up according to instrument. Looking at your banjo section makes me want to get my banjo out. I've heard about the Clawhammer style of playing, but never could slow down enough to learn.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!
  • Thanks for looking it over, Lisa!  Hope I can add more stuff soon...been busy around here, but I plan to get back to it one of these days.
  • Cricket, I just dipped my toe in your new website and I gotta tell you that I was totally impressed with what you and your grandson have done.  I didn't have time to investigate the whole of your site, but I did manage to look at your video regarding the Nashville shuffle. And I gotta tell you that it was one of the most informative videos that I have seen on the subject.  I hope to get back to explore the rest of your site when I have much more free time.  I still have Fred's website to investigate fully.  But as a last note, let me just say that I was truly impressed and inspired with what you have created. Your explanations were most in depth and very easy to understand, unlike a few other videos from other people that I have seen on the topic of the NS. Best of luck with the continuation of your great website.
  • Thank you so much, Scott!  Makes me happy to hear that.  Glad you liked it.
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