What are y'all Doing Now Adays?

I've been writing essays.... oh right, writing more essays! (It's really boring.) ?

Since my hand is healing nicely, I have been able to pick up my violin again, which is AWESOME! It's also really nice outside, so lots of outdoors activities have been going on around here.

What are the y'all of you doing?


  • I'm having fun composing various orchestral tunes and some fiddle stuff. Anxiously awaiting the day when Covid-19 is a thing of the past and I can resume playing music with my many musician friends.
  • Glad your hand is better now, Maria.  I'm working on lots of springtime chores around here and trying my best to fit in enough fiddling to keep me from losing my mind...lol.  Trying to keep our hyper little chihuahuas occupied so they don't lose their minds too.  We've had beautiful spring weather and wildflowers, birds, lizards, rabbits and snakes...gets me in the mood for gardening a bunch.  Happy spring!  Glad you are on the mend.
  • Thanks, Cricket! We're also doing a whole lot of cleaning and fixing up. Something always turns up that needs to be done around here, so there's always something to do.

    Frederick, I am looking forward to that day. Hope you can get together with your musician friends again soon.
  • Thanks a whole bunch, Maria. Have a great day! :)
  • Around these parts, I'm having to get my Reading Endorsement for work. As a public school teacher in Florida, it's been decided that all teachers, reading teacher or not, have to have their Reading Endorsement. That means 5 modules of various competencies on phonemic awareness, Decoding I, Decoding II, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Each module has 90 tasks to complete. I'm on module 4, so I'm about halfway through. Module 5 has 3 separate components and I have to be finished with everything before school lets out for summer in the end of May.

    Looking forward to summer when I can be a bit more active on BlueGrassDaddy.com :D
  • Just got back from 2 months in Arizona, getting ready for a big bike ride across Georgia and preparing for a favorite bluegrass festival down near Chattanooga.   Oh, the festival was canceled, but the organizers are still having everyone (who wants to)  come camp out and jam for 4 days.

    Gonna visit my new twin grandchildren in Illinois, attend Steve Kaufman Kamp in June, then 2 more moths out west this summer (South Dakota, Wyoming & ND).
  • Hi Lisab: I wish you all the good luck in the world for you continuing studies. I also look forward to when you and other forum members can spend some more time here on the forum. It's been like a ghost town around here for the last week or so.

    As for me, I'm on a new learning curve with a Presonus Faderport 8 I just purchased to help me with mixing some of my compositions. I'm trying so hard to learn MIDI control and it sure does get comical around here as this old man tries to learn something new. lol

    I miss all the fun on the forum.

    Goettjp: It sure sounds like you've been traveling and having some fun....:)
  • Lisa...sounds like a lot on your plate!  Good luck with all of that.  Hope you have more time for BGD stuff and other interests soon.

    Enjoy your travels, Goett.

    Fred...sounds tough...lol.  Hope you can either figure it all out or find some handy 10 year old to help.
  • Peggy, truer words were never spoken! ha ha lol
  • Gosh. I got totally off track this past year.  Covid caused me to lose my job.  It really got me down and I just couldn’t fiddle.   I’m at a good job now and feeling happy again. Finally back to fiddling!
  • Hey Lisa.   My wife said she felt your pain.  She had to do the same thing in Indiana.
  • Brya31...glad you're back at work and back to fiddling again!  It's been a year we'd all like to erase from memory...hopefully we are pulling out of the whole nightmare.
  • Sounds like y'all are having fun.

    It decided to snow again, so goodbye to those few weeks of almost summer weather. :( As my little sister says, "I guess the angels and saints forgot to finish dusting."

    School's almost out, so just doing wrap up presentations and getting ready for my older sister's graduation. Also looking forward to seeing my oldest brother sometime in the future, but not quite sure when.
  • Just returned from band practice from around 11:00 a.m. 'til 4:00 p.m. We all had a great time playing Bluegrass. We're back to getting together every Saturday now for as long as we can. We're all planning on going to Mountain View next Saturday to play in the picking park in the center of town. I can't wait. It's so much fun and I've been waiting so long for this outing with the group.

    There's nothing quite like live acoustic music amongst friends. Yes!
  • Cool!  Glad y'all are coming back!  It's gonna feel so great to get together with your pickin' pals again, Fred...and anybody else who's gettin' ready to do that too.  Enjoy!  It's been a long haul for these past 26 months!!!
  • I am glad your hand is healing nicely. It's been so long since I've been here on the forum. I can see daylight at the end of the tunnel, so hoping to get over here a bit more now. What happened to your hand that it has to heal?

    Sounds beautiful where you are. Beautiful outdoors--just beckons us to bring our music outside, doesn't it?
  • I have put aside the violin these past 12-18 months in order to get a book completed by May this year.  It was supposed to be finished by November 2020, but due to other commitments, I had to make another deadline for May 2021.  However, it looks like I'm going to have to extend that deadline to October this year. Book is 90% complete, however, I need to make a number of dramatic changes before I am satisfied with what I've written.

    I've composed a few tunes. Nothing spectacular.  Being restricted with my time, I never set out to compose them. They just happened along as they usually seem to do.

    I saw John on the beach this morning in his neck-to-knee bathing costume. He had a nice tan from all these weeks basking in the sun and having a great time. But I got a bit upset with him when he took my bucket and spade and started building his own sand castles.


  • I just came into TWO violins when a dear friend passed away.  And waiting for our move to Florida.  Any day now.
  • Sorry to hear you've lost your friend...I'm sure the fiddles will have special meaning for you.  Hope you enjoy Florida!
  • Nancy, sorry to hear of your friend’s passing.  I’m sure those instruments will be played with heart.

    which part of fl if you don’t mind me asking? I’m in NE Fl
  • <a href="http://Bluegrass Jam sessions">http://Bluegrass Jam sessions</a>if you’re interested (and if I did it right) here is a map of bluegrass jams in NE Fl. Southeast Georgia

    hoping it worked right. The link should open up in google maps.

    Bluegrass Jam sessions
  • My condolences for the loss of your friend, Nancy. I'm sure you will always remember your friend when you play their violins.
  • Thanks... it's definitely not fun. I am learning quite a bit... but it's still not fun lol.
  • Maria~ I hope your hand is almost recovered and you can get back to fiddling without any pain.
  • Here's what I'm up to these days: On May first, I traveled 11 hours to the Tri-cities area in eastern Tennessee from north central Arkansas. I came to visit my doctors and also my musician friends and some that play billiards, too.

    I've made so many friends here in TN, and I just can't stand to be away too long. It's been about a year and a half since I've been here in this part, mostly due to Covid-19.

    I got here Saturday night and at 12:00 noon on Sunday I was playing my fiddle in Grey, TN with a bunch of my buddies. We picked Bluegrass until 6:00 p.m. What a blast!

    Today, at 12:30 p.m. I am meeting 3 more of my pool-playing pals and I'll spend the afternoon shooting 9-ball.

    I brought all my composing gadgets and computers, and piano keyboard, etc., so I can keep going with my recording, etc. Just having a lot of fun, that's all. :)
  • We are packed waiting for final settlement date to move to Florida. 55 community and after 20 yrs someone else will cut my grass!! Already booked up via FB with a bluegrass band and two musicians in my community. Playing open mics in WV here and sure gonna miss my bg country friends
  • Wow!, Nancy. That's a big move. I wish you the very best in your new home and new Bluegrass picking region. It's fun moving to a new location and meeting new Bluegrass picking friends.

    I've met so many good musicians both here in Tennessee and in Arkansas. I'll bet West Virginia's gotta be loaded with good pickers and I know that around Zephyr Hills, Florida used to be loaded with retired folks who love to play Bluegrass and Old Country.

    I don't know if you'll be in Zephyr Hills, but I'm sure just about anywhere in Florida should have lots of Bluegrassers.
  • Are you moving permanently to Florida?  Hope y'all enjoy living there and fiddling there too.  I would guess WV must be full of pickers because of the one event I attended there...maybe 15 years ago...Vandalia Gathering on the grounds of the Capitol.  Wow...you 'bout couldn't walk without stepping on musicians...lol.  I've never seen so many people...all ages, from little kids to really elderly folks...all slammin' on their banjos and sawing on their fiddles...just everywhere.  I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!
  • Wow, Peggy. That's cool. I just knew West Virginia was loaded with pickers. :)
  • Hi everybody. I’ve been in and out of the forum but haven’t posted for awhile. Like everybody else, I suppose, my routine was disrupted a bit with the pandemic. But Peggy inspired me so much I had to break my wrist too just to keep up! Fell down steps in Feb. But cast is off, wrist is feeling better and almost back to normal. I had started Angel’s Waltz right before the break and just finished it up and posted to the forum. I had a couple of local folks I’ve gotten to pick with over the past few months. It’s been low key and good to work on my breaks and even singing some.
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