Gunnar and Fred performed live in Searcy, AR

<img src="Please wait..." alt="" />Today, the 6th of April, Gunnar Salyer and yours truly met each other in person and performed at the Evan Urley Performing Arts Center in Searcy, AR! (Okay, it was only just the two of us in the parking lot but we had a super great time. lol.)

Gunnar played one of my fiddles (the 1834 one) and one of his (an unusual-shaped fiddle with great tone and projection). I played his banjo and he played his dobro and we picked some Bluegrass.

I enjoyed every moment with him as I figured I would after having "known" him on BGD for a couple of years now.

I'll be uploading pictures as I'm sure Gunnar will, too. Stay tuned.   :)


  • <img src="" alt="" />

    Notice Gunnar's wrists. One is holding the bow perfectly and the other is straight and poised perfectly for getting notes with a minimum of effort. Way to go, Gunnar!
  • Great! Wonderful that you two found it possible to meet up!
  • Wow!  Now that sounds thrilling!  Happy you guys got together.
  • Thanks Dave and Peggy. I've got a few more pictures but with my pea-sized brain, it's so difficult to upload a simple picture (jpg) on this site.
  • I wouldn't dare think of your brain as any sort of legume,'s gotta be an enormous buncha smart up there, going by the stuff you've done.  You hit that little mountain thing, the last icon in the row of icons in the text box, then put the photo in the space it gives you, then you have to wait a few minutes (probably more like seconds, but it seems like a long time), to see the photo and then hit "submit" and the photo is there.  If I'm remembering's tricky getting a photo on this site.  Hope you can show us more with your meeting with Gunnar!
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    Gunnar plays "Chinese Breakdown" in the key of D like a pro!
  • Thanks a bunch, Peggy. I'm just too impatient. :)
  • I hear ya...I am too.  Technology drives me batty, and at the same time I depend on it for 100 percent of my connection with the world as far as music goes...which makes me even more at odds with how technology yanks me

    Did Gunnar bring all of his instruments along?
  • <img src="" alt="" />
    Here's his banjo, Dobro, fiddle and accordian. He may of had some other instruments in the trunk. :)
  • KCan't wait to see videos !!!
  • Sorry, Nancy. Neither one of us thought to take videos. That would have been really nice, too. Drat it. Oh well, maybe next time. :)
  • That's really cool you guys got together! It sounds like you had a lot of fun.
  • We sure did, Maria. I hope I get to see him again some time. :)
  • Here's another picture of Gunnar playing fiddle:

    <img src="" alt="" />
  • Peggy says: <em>"I hear ya…I am too. Technology drives me batty, and at the same time I depend on it for 100 percent of my connection with the world as far as music goes…which makes me even more at odds with how technology yanks me around…lol."</em>

    Sorry, Peggy, I forgot to respond to you earlier post. I absolutely understand your thoughts about technology yanking one around. Been yanked so hard I hurt all over! I think I'm finally getting a little handle on latency. Time will tell.
  • Is his case for two fiddles???  Or am I seeing that wrong? Gunnar photos...

    Good luck with the Battle of the Latency...may the force be with you.
  • I think he's trying out Freds' fiddle.
  • Hi Peggy and Dave. Dave's right, Gunnar's playing my 1834 fiddle and my French fiddle is waiting patiently in the case. (it's tuned in AEAC#). I played Black Mountain Rag with it while Gunnar played his fiddle along with me, later on.

    The fiddle that Gunnar had with him has an unusual shape and kind of sounds like a Baroque instrument to me anyways. Gunnar's amazing with all the instruments he plays!

    He's enjoying himself in Nashville at present at Banjo Ben's Banjo Camp.

    The Battle of Latency in the year 2021! lol
  • I only got a couple pictures, I'll try and upload soon.

    I just realized I haven't been on here in a while, but I'm still alive and fiddling. It was really cool to get to meet Fred!

    I've been having a lot of fun in Nashville and North Georgia too
  • Oh how fun! I always hope I'll get to meet some of you in person! But nobody looks at Illinois as a destination, I'm afraid :(
    Frederick, my brother's in Arkansas. I haven't ever been down there yet-- but if I do, and it's anywhere near you, maybe we could play too (wishful thinking) :)
  • Hi Kaeleigh: If I remember correctly, your brother lives in Batesville, Arkansas. That's just over an hour from me here in Searcy. If and when you make it to visit your brother, I would be delighted to travel up there and say "Howdy" and pick a tune.

    I've been trying for a long time to get my wife to go back up there. The Triangle restaurant has a great breakfast that we both love. :)
  • Frederick, that sounds wonderfully fun! When I do end up going down there, which I will, I’ll let you know!
    Too bad ALL us Bluegrassdaddy-ers can meet somehow... but who knows? :)
  • I sure hope it all works out, Kaeleigh.

    I'm debating right now on taking a position with a traveling Bluegrass band in Tennessee for the summer. In order to do that, I have to exit the group that I play with here in Arkansas. I hate to do this but it's only for fun here and it's for money in TN. But I will return to AR in the fall and pick right up with the group again.

    I'm getting too old to travel too much but there isn't a whole lot of travel involved once I get there. We play in Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky (plus TN).

    Still haven't decided but have to by Mother's Day.
  • Fred and Gunnar ~ That was really neat that the two of you could finally meet up and play some music together.  Totally AWESOME!  I hope next time you can do a video of the meet. I think we will have to arrange a Caribbean cruise sometime next Summer and have one heck of a time.  :)
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