Hey Fred

Hey, I'm going to be in Searcy next Tuesday and I'd love to meet you. I know it's kinda short notice, and fine if you can't. But if you might be able to, please let me know!

My number is (409) five 0 zero 1 0 five 6



  • I sure hope we get a chance to meet. You'll probably be coming to the college, right? I'll call you soon and get all the details. I haven't had my vacc shot so I'll be keeping a good distance and wearing a mask. More later. :)
  • I'm visiting some of my best friends, and their dad is a professor, so I'll be at the college probably.

    That's fine, and we can meet outdoors too if you'd like
  • Sounds great, Gunnar. I'll call you Monday in the late morning hours. Have a safe trip. :)
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