A list of songs

I’m not exactly sure where this list of songs come from.. but I found it in my dads song sets for his bands and flyer ls for different bluegrass events.
There are many songs that I can’t find on the internet but many of them I know.. just thought you guys would having this. I know I sure did.
I posted in my introduction a video of my dad and he was bluegrass right down into the roots of his soul and I’ve formed the same love for it.
The writing is very small. So download maybe and zoom in to see. If you guys would like I can type it out in bigger text.. I like seeing the little notes and things he wrote on the paper. I thought maybe you would too..

Temperance is the only song you can’t see the letters well.. I’m assuming this is the name from what I can see..

Enjoy guys


Amanda Jane or Mandy<strong><img src="https://bluegrassdaddy.com/wp-content/uploads/hm_bbpui/86381/jqsjday95e1a6ti4xvdo1dh5l67u05nv.jpeg" alt="" /></strong>


  • That's quite a list. Sounds like fiddling in your blood line. Must have been great to have grown up around music. Great find! A real legacy there, and a few titles to keep an eye out for around the internet or at festivals and such.

    Is your dad still with us to ask about them?

    A real keepsake. You might want to have it framed.
  • <p style="text-align: left;">No my father passed away shortly after my mom.. they were 56 yrs old.. my dad was diagnosed 6mos after my mom death with glioblastoma and died 11 mos later.. he was an amazing talented lead singer and guitarist for many of bluegrass band.. but if you would like to hear his music I do have some links</p>
    Phat Grass! My dad on the right
    <p style="text-align: left;">https://youtu.be/gzYAvoyoip8</p>
    My dad wrote this song

  • Oops here is the first one I tried putting in



    my dad on the right
  • That sure is a comprehensive list!  He was a good musician and I'm sure true inspiration for you.  A lot of those are here in the lesson list, so...might take a good long while to get through all of 'em, hey?  I'm sure you are so proud of your dad.
  • Stray Dogs & Alley Cats by Harley Allen! One of my all time favorite songs!
    He did a nice job on it!

    I like the one he wrote too!

    thanks for posting those!
  • Gee whiz, Phatgrassmandy. That's such a shame that you had them both taken away so soon. Touched my heart, especially listening to Stray Dogs and Alley Cats. What a wonderful video memory to have. Really shows off how good a singer he was. Can only imagine how good a singer you are as well.

    Yeah, you were dipped into the musical stream at birth, looks like. A fine place to land.

    Thanks for posting. You should be so proud.
  • <p style="text-align: left;">Iam very proud! Goneworkin and thank you for your comment. We played that very song while he was passing and yes it was so hard and this time of year is hard without them both.. my dad had a few cds with that band and another and I absolutely love them and wish I could share them with you all.. means a lot to have my dad be remembered</p>
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