What are y'all up to? # 3 (Current NEW thread)



  • fiddlewood
    edited May 2022

    Thanks guys.

    @John (BGD) Yeah, we spent pretty much all our time together (his schedule, haha} I keep walking into rooms expecting him there...gonna take some getting used to.

  • I'm sure it will take some time. He was a great dog.

  • @fiddlewood I just saw this...so sorry for your loss! Pets are precious family members. I hope you're finding comfort...

  • I am...in a new pup. Meet Dash! about 1 yr old dachshund mix...just a little guy.

  • Aw he is a cutie pie! Hello Dash! Thanks for posting these pics Dave, this is great.

  • AWWWW!!! What a sweetheart! 😍 I bet he's full of hugs and energy!

  • Look at those eyes!!! He's ADORABLE. :)

  • Hiya! -waves-

    I took an extended leave of absence in the spring, lol. I had another surgery to fix ligaments and muscles in my right foot/ankle that were found to have been completely overlooked after the wreck in '18, and that kinda took a big toll on me. I just basically hibernated and pretended reality didn't exist for a while. I'm trying to bounce back out of that and into the real world again (but not trying too hard yet). Trying to make a comeback in the midst of a cold winter is risky; I should wait for spring and the warmth of the sun.

    My violin was irking me sound-wise, as I play in a tiny apartment and it just seems to magnify any error I make (I make lots of them, lol). At a church I volunteer at, I tried to play in their sanctuary to see if the violin sounded any better to me. With so much more space for sound to travel around in, it's still just as bad, lol. So I took an extended leave of absence from my violin, too; I know if I try to pick it back up right now I will be annoyed, so I am pretending it doesn't exist. By the time I decide I get serious about it again, I will probably have to learn how to even hold it properly, lol.

    I hope everyone had a great 2022, though! And hoping that 2023 will be much better in every way!

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