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  • We just got into south Africa, and Lord willing will be flying out to the states next week!

    Before we left Balama, a former peace corps volunteer who happens to be a good Irish fiddler had just come to visit her old friends in Mozambique, coming straight from Ireland, where she spent the lockdown working on fiddling. When she had previously been there, I wasn't yet playing music. So I was delighted to learn that she was a fiddler, and invited her over to fiddle. We played together for several hours, I danced some, and we generally had a great time! It was really fun!
  • Wow...sounds cool, Gunnar!  Are you going to Texas first when you get over this way again?  Safe travels to you, my friend.
  • Yep, headed to Texas for my brother's wedding
  • Best wishes for your upcoming plans, Gunnar.  Congrats to your brother.

    Well guys I've been taking part in harder and harder jobs around here, plus getting back to my previous workout routine...nothing big but just what I have tried to keep up with to stay as strong as possible in my old age...and even started back playing clawhammer.  Then woke up this morning...arm swelled up again and pain all the way up to my shoulder...lol...ugh...ok, gotta back off on the enthusiasm here I guess.  Have to give it a rest.  I was thinking the broken bone was history by now, because I could do so many things, but...I guess it's still capable of sneakin' up to bite me once in a while...
  • Safe travels Gunnar!

    Sorry things aren't healing up as hoped Peggy.

    Not much going on here...vet visits, Dr. visits...trying not to mix up my pills with the dogs...

    Had a consult with a surgeon this a.m....have to go in for surgery next month for skin cancer.
  • Jeez, Peggy. I hope you get to doing better. It's just not fair.....

    Hi Dave. Hoping you the very best with all you are going through, too.

    Happy New Year to both of you. :)
  • Happy New Year, Dave and Fred.  Thanks guys...I mainly rested the arm today and it's already feeling better by now.

    Dave, hope you and doggie are ok and the skin cancer gets gone easily and quickly.

    Fred, hope you and yours are doing fine.

    And...let's all hope for a better year ahead...of course, pandemic-wise, it sounds like it's gonna get worse before it finally does start to get better...but hey...at least they are predicting it WILL get better by end of summertime, 2021...hurray!  Something to look forward to!
  • Well darn. Last night I went to play my fiddle, and my bow wouldn't tighten at all. The nut on the frog had totally stripped out. I have been meaning to get a new bow anyway, but now I really need one
  • Gunnar, That is..... depression.

    Cricket, I'm praying that your arm doesn't get worse and I hope it finishes healing without any more interruptions.

    Happy new year, y'all! I hope this year is a lot better than 2020. So far, all I've done is go to church and read books.
  • Thanks, Maria!  Let's all hope for a better 2021...I think we all deserve it by now!  Happy New Year!
  • Peggy, I've had two things removed before that were easy. This is basil cell (a little different and deeper) and quite a large portion of my nose.

    Luckily they don't think it is into the cartilage yet.
  • Hi Dave, I just now read your latest post. I'm sorry to hear about your surgery.  I hope they got it all and that you have a speedy recovery.

    I hope this year is a great year for you and everyone here at BGD.
  • Thanks!
    I don't go in until Wednesday.
  • Will they do that in a doctor's office or do you have to go to some surgical center?  Anyway, best wishes for an easy surgery that gets it done and all well again!
  • surgical center in hospital

    Thanks for the well wishes.
  • Best wishes for excellent doctors and quick healing.  Let us know how you are.
  • Best Wishes, Dave.
  • Back home now.

    Guess all went well. Kinda feel & look like I got punched, but not too bad.

    Cancer didn't make it up into the cartilage evidently...just took filler material from face.

    Seem to remember waking up all at once and being held down somewhere along the line but then going back to sleep...haha

    Thought I'd outsmart them & wore long underwear to stay warm...ended up with NO underwear!
  • Good news, Dave! Stay well!  Underwear and modesty doesn't seem to be an option in surgery environment.

  • Good to hear Dave...well, not so much the underwear incident, but just that you're back!  And all went well.  When I was out with my arm surgery...I was watching the ceiling lights spin while a bunch of people with tools in their hands and masks on were just standing there staring at me...I was telling them how I didn't like what I was feeling like, the way those lights were spinning...the next thing that happened was I felt like I was waking up in the morning in my house, my own bed, that it was an ordinary morning and I had never broken any arm or anything...just waking up as usual, but there was this masked woman right in my face...lol...it really alarmed and confused me and I kinda jerked up and asked her how she got in without a key...and she quickly reminded me of my arm...told me to look at it...I saw a different bandage and remembered...oh yeah...I just had surgery on my arm...lol.  Seemed like getting ready for surgery took 2 hours, the surgery itself seemed like one second...lol...at least to my drugged up mind.  Anyway, we're lucky to have good doctors who can help us out when we need something like that.  Glad you're all done and made it through and it's all ok...underwear intact...here's for getting well really fast!
  • haha..."How'd you get in?"

    I woke up feeling fine...except the face swelling etc. Even that hasn't been bad enough to take anything for yet (not sure if the local has all worn off yet, tomorrow will tell the tale)

    Now if my stupid nose that I can't touch would stop running I'd be all set...haha
  • Oh yeah...that might take a few days to stop bugging you.
  • I'm sure I'll be ready for the stitches to come out and be able to wash it by next Tuesday for sure.
  • You'll feel fully human again by then...lol.  I remember all too well all those little hassles after the arm surgery...whew...it's good when you get all of that behind you and just move forward.
  • Been working on the fiddle still. Mostly going over stuff I already know and want to improve (sure takes a lot of time/playing). Learned a few easier versions of some new tunes.

    Taking Otis (dog) in next week for surgery. Discovered a growth on his gums. Hopefully they can take care of it all in one visit.

  • Aw sorry to hear about Otis. I hope it goes well!

    I've been busy -- we just adopted twins and I am set to retire from Appstate. This of course adds up to a looming financial hardship, lol, but I am looking forward to having free time to do the things I love, like fiddline and making lessons for bluegrassdaddy!

  • Thanks John.

    Wow! Congrats on the twins! they should keep you busy for a while.

  • Haven't had much time to play fiddle.

    been doing laundry nonstop for over a week...

    Otis made it through surgery fine only to mess up (break?) his back on may 5. No rear motor skills or feeling, and no control over any evacuations. Tried steroids for ten days and nothing improved...he passed on peacefully in my arms at 1130 this morning @ the Vet's.

  • I'm sorry for your loss, Dave.

  • @fiddlewood I'm so sorry about Otis. I remember when you got him! I know he is very missed.

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