Come back!

Hey guys...where are y'all?  Not much conversation going here.  Well I know summer can be a very busy time...yes, for us, we are building fences again out of old rotten fences taken apart last something to get done in the garden and all of that...but, I mean, summer recreation has been greatly affected...I mean y'all aren't out fiddling in public somewhere, are ya?

Come on back and let's talk about something!  I haven't had much fiddling time except for the past several days...I just hurried on down to the Presonus room/ Barking lot and hurried up and played while I could.  All kinds of stuff happening around here...gee whiz...just unbelieveable  Been busy.

Come on back and tell us about your stuff...been a long time since we've all chatted...gotta do that, ya know.


  • What you wont to talk about , maybe the price of eggs in china ?, or does a do-whack-A-do have legs ?, or - Do you really look like your dog ? or If nothing else don't getcha the water will ????????????
  • Our business has been crazy lately. I don't even have time to practice, and no time to posts. Sorry!
  • Great to see you here, Jim.  Hope you are enjoying the business.  I know summer can be a really busy usually is for us.  Still..daggone...seems like everybody's disappeared from

    Steve...yes, what about the price of eggs in China and all that other interesting stuff???  Oh man, I guess I'm in the mood to talk music and not a lot of it happening at the moment.  This was supposed to be "Granny Day" with my grandson, but we had to move it to'll be extra activities, excitement, aerobics, etc., etc., etc., while he's spending the day.  It's usually non-stop.

    Still...I mean...don't know...wanna talk music sometimes...or maybe I should play something, but can't think of one doggone thing to play.  What are y'all playin', if you have time?
  • I check in here every day or two...just don't have comments on a lot lately.

    I've been working on Kenny Baker's <strong>first Day in Town</strong><em> for a few weeks now...struggling & it's going slow.

    I have 4 fiddle workshops I'm signed up for this month, and am still working a few hours every morning.

    I did manage to order <strong>The Dollmaker</strong>...found an old used version. Haven't read it yet...I'm 1/2 way through another book right now, so will start it when finished with this one.

    Other than turning 61 today that's about all that's going on here...
  • Cricket I been playing Ashokan , Ookpik waltz , Over the waves ,Maggie , Lovers waltz , Arkansas Traveler , Margaret's waltz , Kentucky waltz , Beer barrel polka , Tennessee waltz , Westphalia waltz ,Spinning Wheel , Amelia's waltz , Faded love , Liberty , sing me back home , Maiden's Prayer , Silver Bells western , Prairie Spring waltz , Jerusalem , wagon wheel , Cowboy waltz and just a closer walk with Thee ! I try to play four to six of these tunes each day till I get through all of them each week , I also try to mess around with a few new ones , I think I have posted all of them one time or the other , So I am just trying to keep them fresh in my memory !
  • I do something much similar Steve.

    I'll have one tune I'm trying to memorise, then when ever I get frustrated/bored, etc. with that I'll go through my list of a few of the most recent I've learned...many times I'll stray to a few I haven't played in a while and refresh myself on them a bit.

    I spend a lot of time going over trouble licks...(slowing them down and getting the bowing or fingering corrected and more comfortable) that I find while doing this.
  • Happy Birthday, Dave!  Hope it's been a good day for you.

    Wow, wonder I haven't seen much of you on the all that stuff.  I'm starting to think...well maybe we all do it, but I have had several different phases of music as I've gone through the decades.  Let's see, first it was sorta folkish guitar kinda stuff, but more leaning to ballads, then college which was ballads and guitar solo type stuff with a lot of finger picking, then post college when I actually had gigs and would play anything anybody wanted me too plus jams with friends all the time, then moved up here and went back to ballads and had a few gigs at first because the archivist at the time in the univ I worked at (pion library loved ballads and KY traditional stuff...then he was gone and so were my gigs, kinda didn't have time for music because I worked long hours and such...then just as I was setting it all up for retirement, found John's Fiddle Lessons on youtube and used to eat my lunch at my desk and watch him...during those times I bought more instruments, a banjo and fiddle...bought the presonus...then joined a BG band for a while and that really was not my thing too just me and my presonus and it's really feeling like I'm back into ballads or old songs sorta ballad like.  Feel like playing them...can't think of them...forgot them all.

    By the way, Dave, if you read the Dollmaker, I'd like to hear what you think.  It's really a heavy book.
  • Thanks for starting this thread, Cricket! Even though I joined sometime back, admittedly, I’ve not posted much. Couldn’t figure out how to navigate aro7ng the site that well.
    however, I hope to spend more time around here, now it that makes a LITTLE more sense to me.
    Have been working on Prairie’s Waltz, the harmony to Ashokan Farewell.


    No jams for me as of late. I did play at our local Council on Aging with a group of 20ish or so. Hoping to visit the Friend of Twin Oaks in Hoboken Georgia next month. We’ll see.  As an Elementary teacher in Florida’s public school system, I need to see what’s happening there first, I suppose.
  • Hi Lisa.  Well for a little while the site wasn't acting right, so it did become more difficult to try to get around.  Seems it's all fixed and like it should be now, though.

    I didn't know about Prairie's Waltz...sounds interesting...hope you can play it for us sometime if you ever feel like doing that.

    I almost forgot, I did finally get a gig each month for a nursing home-type facility...not exactly a nursing home, but a place where people can go for a few weeks to recuperate from one thing or another...mainly elderly, but not necessarily...I had two jobs...New Year's party and Valentine's Day party...then, a few days before their St. Patrick's party, they had to close to all visitors because of state regulations regarding corona virus.  By this point, I'm so paranoid about the virus I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable going back...they've had a few cases there (the only reason I got the gig was because of a friend who is a janitor there...who has kept us updated by phone only)...but they've kept it pretty well under control. Still ...scary stuff from what I've read and not sure if or when I'd feel like I could relax with it going back.  Weird times.  Gettin' a little old, myself, so I'm not into doing anything that I'd have to worry about later.  I already managed to get more exposure than I wanted because of lots of situations where unmasked folks got into my face when I didn't have my own mask handy...weird goings on with neighbors shooting toward each other, police talking to everybody, etc., etc., etc.  Getting to be commonplace here.  Now I don't go outside without a mask tucked in my pocket and I really ought have a bullet proof

    Well but anyway, on another "note," so to speak, I got a copyright restriction notice when I did I Wanna Go Home on my youtube, so i guess I wasn't allowed to do that one...what are they gonna do to me now????  I changed it around so much it's nothing like the original.  In the unimaginable and impossible scenario I would ever make money (never my intention and never gonna happen) I'd gladly hand it over to whoever says they have rights...not important to me to have rights or make money...just wanna play music.  I shoulda changed the words to "I Wanna Play Music!"

  • Hi again, Cricket et al!

    Last night, I panicked. I was enjoying navigating around the site, when BAM! All of a sudden I was kicked out and kept receiving error message when trying to load the site. Thought for sure everything was lost. SOOO thankful when I tried getting on this morning and everything was fine. Figured it was God telling me to shut down the computer and go to bed! LOL My eyes were going cross, but there is just so much goodness to drink in from this site, I didn't want to stop!

    The Prairie's Waltz is a Jay Ungar tune, which I dearly love. I first heard the Southern Raised Girls play it on YouTube, thinking no way would I ever be able to learn that, then praise be, saw that John had it here!!

    To listen to them, follow <a href="">this link to their video</a>...beautiful done. Of course, with them being professionals, they're going to add their own little ornamentation to it, but it's beautifully done and not too far away from John's tabs/notes.

    As a recluse by nature, I've not really been anywhere other than bluegrass jams before the pandemic, so I'm okay with it. I am missing the jams, though.

    Sounds like you were playing in a rehab? Some of our folks played in the rehab during the day (I had to work) and now they're shut down as well.

    I'm sorry you had issues with the copyright thing. I had a similar experience several SEVERAL years ago. For my uncle's memorial service, I played Amazing Grace on the piano, and a couple of ladies and I sang the hymn. My son and his cousin played/Sang Temporary Home. The service was uploaded to YouTube for family/friends that were unable to make it.

    We received a copyright notice, and I figured it was due to the Temporary Home song, as it was more recent than the hundred + hymn. Would you believe it was for Amazing Grace?!?! I was FLABBERGASTED! Everybody and their brother plays/sings that hymn in countless of venues. I honestly do not understand the copyright thing going on YouTube. I feel your pain--we're not out to become millionaires with our music. We just wanna play!

    Hoping that you are well, even after coming in contact with maskless people? That can be scary, I'm sure. Be safe!
  • Sorry about that crash last night! A friend was trying to fix my problem of being able to host and download videos without hot-linking. It is really holding everything up right now. Long story short, he accidentally "parked" my website. Quite thrilling, actually, it got our hearts pounding for a few long minutes to say the least. Hopefully I can push through my current technical issues soon and get back to the important stuff.
  • John, looks as if all is well. I needed to go to bed, but wasn’t disciplined enough to log off.
    I firmly believe the crash was meant to be, so I’d have no reason to stay on line ?
  • Cricket, life is busy right now isn’t it!!!?? But in my spare time I’ve been working on learning Gaelic songs (why are they all sad???), teaching myself Polish :D and hoping my county fair isn’t cancelled so I’ve something for my art this year!
    And fiddlingly speaking I’ve been working on The Butterfly Waltz, haste to the wedding and writing harmonies for Jock O’ Hazeldean.
    Now I should probably work on going to bed :D I’m terrible at that, rather talk (or type) any time ;)
  • Good to see you checking in, Kaeleigh.  I don't know anything about Gaelic songs, but for whatever reason, sad songs are always the most beautiful ones...I can't wait to hear you play them for us!

    Self-learning  I tried it with finally took a class, which really didn't get me much farther than where I got to on my own.  Polish sounds interesting...happy Polishing...oh wait, that sounds like you'll be cleaning speaking and reading in Polish!  Always fun to learn a language.

    I think around here the fairs and stuff probably won't happen this year.  I guess we'll have to wait to see what happens as summer moves on.  I don't know the Butterfly Waltz either, but I love Waltzes, so I can't wait to hear you play that one too!
  • Cricket I caught something more contagious than Covid 19 today from my brother this morning , in fact it's so contagious that you can catch it from just seeing it or hearing it and I am afraid that you might catch it just by me talking and writing about it , if this cause's you to start yawning then my worst fears are happening , you just caught it , so sad and I am sorry I exposed you to it !!!!!
  • Kaleigh,Gaelic sounds ARE beautiful. The most beautiful, I believe. Hauntingly so. Haven't been brave enough to try them yet. Still trying to turn violin music into fiddle music...

    Cricket, bummer on the county fairs not happening. All of these cancellations of things are frustrating to be sure! Do you think we'll EVER get back to the times when a person could come and go as they please? I sure hope so!

  • Lol...Steve, are you talking about catching boredom or what???  Nope, I don't believe it.  You are not a person who's been stricken with

    Lisa, after this pandemic...the biggest one since 1918-19 and maybe bigger than that, let's see, that one my grandparents would've been teenagers and probably not real concerned, so my great grandparents were dealing with it as adults...ouch for them.  I wish I could talk to them again did they all manage?  When did they finally feel normal again?

    I think it sounds like it's gonna be a while before all goes back to normal and we all believe that it is safe again.  I've heard some epidemiologists say there might not be herd immunity until there is an effective vaccine widely available.  I think they were going by studies out of Spain, where it seems only 5% of the population was left with antibodies after a much bigger portion of the population had contracted it, which might mean the vaccine is gonna have to happen before normalcy can.  Not good, but...not much choice either, I guess.  Still got a ways to go.


  • Wouldn't that be great? To talk with our grands and great grands to see how they saw themselves through pandemics.

    If nothing else, we should all have a greater benchmark of patience when this mess is over--if it ever GETS over...
  • For has required some patience, hasn't it?  Oh boy will people ever be happy when this whole chapter is gone for good!  It's causing a lot of suffering, both physically and economically.

    Well on another "note," so to speak.  Any gardeners here ever grow Malabar spinach?  This is the kind of thing I like to grow...after learning how to create an edible lawn out of necessity over these past 30 years, since we moved here and couldn't do regular gardens because of the shady hillside and postage stamp size of the place, etc.  So during my years of edible lawn style gardening...I've gotten into all sorts of interesting ways to figure out how to grow pretty much food on a weird and small piece of land.  Anyhow...this year I just learned about Malabar spinach.

    I love greens, like collard, kale, mustard, etc., but I've never been a fan of growing or eating spinach...however, a couple of years ago I learned about an Asian water spinach, new to me, otherwise known as calamity greens...grows like crazy to the point where it's even illegal to grow it in certain states because it can become invasive in warm climates...fortunately for me it's ok where we live because it gets cold enough..but easy to grow and you get a lot of greens...the cabbage butterfly, which really gets to be a nuisance for cruciferous stuff, doesn't bother the water spinach.

    Anyway, now this year I happened to run across something entirely new to me...the Malabar spinach.  From what i've read, it grows on a vine really, really prolifically.  Like..some people just grow it ornamentally as a vine to grow along a fence or wall or trellis or whatever.  It's not a true spinach, so it grows in really hot weather and the cabbage moth won't bother it.  You can eat the vine and leaf, raw or cooked...if you get one vine going you get enough greens until you can't stand to eat them anymore and you get enough seed dropped or saved if you save it that you won't ever have to plant the stuff again...or you can overwinter cuttings and have it ready to go in the spring time.

    There's two kinds, a red stem and green stem.  Fortunately I found seeds for each.  I'd read that the seeds were not good germinators...well...that must be true...I planted about 12 seeds out of the green stem Malabar spinach and have only 1 plant going.  I'm trying to protect it with my if it grows up to a certain point, it should take off and the cuttings alone should keep me in spinach for a long time.  You can also eat the seeds, from what I've read, but it might be a little more complicated preparing them...not sure about them.  Right now I just can't stand how long I'm waiting for my greens to get going good!

    I also have one tiny sprout from the red stem seeds I planted...hurry, hurry!  Trying to wait for this stuff to grow like I've read it will grow. I can't wait.  Anybody else have any experience growing it???  Getting off to a slow start with it.
  • Has anybody heard from Gunnar?  I'm hoping he's on his way back home and finally gets back to be with his family.  Was wondering about that...he seems to have disappeared.  Hope all is well, Gunnar!
  • Summer time here means as much time outside as possible, usually either in the garden or the mountains.  Both are good places to social distance, although I spend less time with music.  After a week of rain, the sun came out and the garden is taking off.

    Joe<img src="" alt="" />
  • That's a nice looking garden, there, Joe!  I don't blame you for spending all the time you can get in the warmth and sunshine and watching the veggies grow!
  • A garden with a view !
  • That garden is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Any chance of fiddling out there while basking in the warmth of the sun?
  • Wow Joe, I really enjoy the photos of your beautiful corner of the world!

    Heard from Great Scott today. He is traveling, but there are so few internet cafes open in his part of the world, and he is avoiding public computers due to COVID. However, he sends his love and looks forward to being back on the forum.
  • Lisa,  for Father's Day my sons gave me a nice bench to sit out in the yard and play music.  Not quite sure yet how the neighbors feel about that.  I won't put it near the garden because I'll<img src="" alt="" /> loose focus and think about all the little gardening tasks to do.

    Today was a fantastic day out, and it is supposed to start raining tomorrow, so I gave up on gardening and the music and headed for the hills to hike.  I can always garden and play music inside when it rains
  • I would love to be there ! I can close my eyes and smell that mountain air !
  • I'm still in the states, I've not been online much the past two weeks because I've been at Banjo Ben's Camp (the only reason I was in the states to begin with) which was awesome!!! I got to play music with people, got to play some amazing instruments, got to meet some of my favorite musicians, it was so much fun!!

    Now I'm waiting for Africa to reopen international travel so I can go home, Hopefully sometime soon. I'll try to get on here more now that I'm back from Nashville
  • Oh, glad you made it to the banjo camp afterall!  Cool.  Hoping you get back home soon.  What a have this insane pandemic happen when you're out on the other side of the world, hey?  Glad to hear you enjoyed Banjo Ben's camp.  Did you learn anything new there?
  • Yeah, it's been pretty crazy.

    I learned so much! And I learned a lot that I wasn't expecting to learn, like how to play the upright bass.

    I got to do a lot of jamming, including playing with Kenny Smith, Ben Clark, Penny and Katy Clark, Dave Dillard, Abby and Caleb Lindsey, and so many more people. It was amazing!!
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