Thinking back...we did this in 1972 in college choir

Back when I was in the college choir, back in 1972, we did this one on tour all around the state...something made me think of it tonight...couldn't remember the name of it...I knew it was "Geographical ---something or other," typed in Geographical on youtube search and it came up! It was a fun thing to "sing," and the choir always got a great audience response from it.  But I do remember how tough it was to get my mouth to pronounce all of those places as fast as we had to do them!  Geographical Fugue.

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  • Thanks for sharing, Cricket.  Very well-performed. Everyone looked so clean - cut. So nice to see. So, can we all now assume that you are multi - lingual? LOL.

    I really loved the ninth line of the lyrics: "<em>Yes, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet</em>"

    The chinese government may try to edit this line from the piece.

    <strong>Long live TIBET!</strong>

    <strong>Yes, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet.</strong>
  • To be clear...that is not my college  But I remembered doing it...something on TV suddenly made me think of it...yes, we actually watch tv these days...ugh...but there was something about Popopatetical , which I probably misspelled, on tv and suddenly I remembered having done this a whole year while in the college choir.  I searched on youtube and surprised I found it, not remembering the name of the thing.  But, Yes, this is how we did do was mouth just doesn't work as good as it should...I remember having to practice that line...rapid-fire:  "The popopatetical is not in Canada rather in Mexico Mexico Mexico..."  lol...I can't tell you how many times I had to practice getting all that out!
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