These 'sheep' are the future . . .

I have a bit of time on my hands and while searching the net for something, I came across the enclosed video and thought I'd share it here . . .

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These so-called students are supposed to be the future leaders, law makers, and parents of the country. But as usual, these snowflakes have proved to the entire world, with their brainwashed zero intelligence, paranoia, and mob behavior, just how far the left has gone to not only dumb down but also institutionally lobotomize the bulk of students in their brainwashing <del>institutions</del> facilities across the US and around the world, and create the sheep mentality that has become the norm. And they won't just be gunning for clowns. They will be coming after anyone who looks different and anyone who disagrees with their controlled evil narrative. Come on, folks. A clown, really? God help the planet.


  • Great Scott, these clowns need to be hunted down, and if that requires mob violence, then so be it!
  • My elders taught me to love everyone unconditionally, no matter who they are; and to not harm one living being. They taught me that all people are different and that we should never discriminate against anyone because of their different looks, their skin color, their lifestyle, or their culture.

    Hang on . . .

    . . . O.M.G. I just saw a creepy clown peeping through my window. Quick, where's my gun? Oops, I forgot: the government confiscated all the guns here. Okay, G.S. get ahold of yourself . . . now think . . . THINK! Where did I put the baseball bat, for crying out loud? Oh NO!

    G.S reaches for the phone in a panic. Dials 911.

    <strong>Operator:</strong> 911. What' your emergency.

    <strong>G.S.</strong> Quickly, get me the police. There's a creepy clown at my window.

    <strong>Operator:</strong> Connecting you now.

    <strong>Police:</strong> Police department. Krusty speaking . . .

    G.S drops receiver and runs for his life.  Receiver left dangling over edge of table swinging back and forth. ALL we hear is the drone of the dial tone.
  • I think I'm gonna like it here!
  • Those kinds of clowns are not funny or cool outside Halloween  !
  • Do we still have the creepy clown epidemic going on?  I haven't heard about this in a few years.  It's one thing or another, isn't it?  Lol.  I always thought clowns were just sorta on the creepy side, even the nice ones.
  • <strong>AJ</strong> wrote . . .
    <blockquote>"I think I’m gonna like it here!"</blockquote>
    <strong>Well, AJ,</strong> not if you are a clown, you won't.  John is terrified of clowns.

    <strong>Yes, Cricket</strong>, we still have the creepy clown epidemic going on. Their circus is based on Capitol Hill.  :)
  • Lol...oh yeah...THAT bunch of creepy clowns.
  • We coulrophobes have to stick together, preferably in bands of several dozen, carrying bats.
  • But, John...don't bats carry corona virus?
  • ROFL . .  Good one, Cricket!   :)   But only the ones from CHINA.
  • I don't like clowns either.  Especially the ones who run New York City.  Can't wait to leave.  Less than a year.
  • Many agree with you, AJ. All the best with your move. I don't mean to pry, but are you heading west or south? Don't answer this question if you don't want anyone to know. No need to give specific location.
  • I just checked...our bats are from Louisville...we're fine...Bring in the Clowns!  There ought to be Clowns!
  • Wow, I don't check on y'all for a week and you all go totally crazy?!? I shoulda taken a week off a long time ago!! ???
  • Or... Are you the man behind the mask?
  • Isn't everyone the man behind the mask these days? I only am because my job requires it
  • Haha! I see no difference in this than Pokemon, stuffing many people into phone booths or cars, and the many other silly fads, or games youth has consistently come up with over the years.

    Every silly thing young people (or those of any age for that matter) do is not necesarily the result of extremist left or right politics...
  • You're right Dave, the fear of clowns cuts far deeper than the current political divide!
  • But not as deep as a swallwed goldfish....
  • Oh I forgot about the goldfish swallowing.  That gags me to watch, or did...I haven't seen it done since college.  I saw a sword swallowing tent show one time and I thought I was like, "Oh gag me with a spoon!"  I had to leave...that's some gross stuff, watching people do that kinda stuff.  I've seen the hot dog eating contests on tv just long enough where they show a little clip and announce the winner...that's gross  Clowns are scary...stuff junk into your gullet is gross.
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