Found me a fiddle

Sometime last year I asked " Can you buy a sweet sounding fiddle"?

I began searching for the illusive "sweet sounding fiddle".  I guess I must have played 15 or 20 fiddles and of those I found two that I liked, but was unable to purchase them because the owner liked them too!  A Cousins passed away and she was fiddle teacher.  She played an old German fiddle and she always said it was a high dollar instrument.  I tired to purchase this, but due to their family separations was unable to even discuss the possibilities of buying this one.

Then I remember that a friend of mine had given my daughter an old fiddle 26 years ago so she could play during her school years.  All she had to do was practice and the fiddle would be hers. I called my daughter and asked if she still had it.  She did and she shipped it to me as she no longer wanted it.

Turns out it is an Eugen Meinel trade name for E.H. Roth German made fiddle.  A 1928 version.
It had major cracks at one time on the top, but repaired long ago.  A friend of mine made a new bridge and sound post and we put new Prim strings on it.  It didn't sound very good the the first time we played it, but three days later it came to life. I guess since it hadn't been played for twenty years the sound couldn't get out.

I now have a fiddle that I can play without having to put on a mute.  It sounds sweet to me and I feel very lucky to end up with a friend's fiddle who has passed away a few years back.

So yes, each fiddle sounds different.



  • Congrats on getting a fiddle you love.
  • That's a great story, Kenny! That was quite a gift to your daughter. I'm glad you get to enjoy it now!
  • Thanks Cricket, It funny how this came about.  I'm pretty sure my daughter will end up with this fiddle once again.

    John,  I might even get brave and posts myself playing this fiddle. It has a great bass tone and a well balanced tone over all. I know how much joy you must bring in giving lessons and instruments to your camp kids.
  • Great Kenny!
  • Hey Steve, Hope you are doing well. I know your fans at the nursing centers are missing you!
  • Kenny,
    That’s the fiddle my grandmother gave me. 1928 Eugene Meinel. Would love to see some pix.
  • I have a E H Roth also Kenny very nice sounding fiddles. I bet you got a good one.
  • Angela,

    I will try to post some photos.  It has a dark reddish/ brown varnish which I prefer over the shiny orange fiddles, just my personal taste

    I think I have a found a great fiddle. E H Roth is a good story and some of the Eugen Meinel fiddles were some of his best from what I''m reading.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  • Wow congrats that's awesome!
  • Hey Gunnar - Hope you are safe in Texas.  Your fiddling is sounding great by the way.
  • Thanks Kenny. I'm doing well
  • This is excellent news, Kenny.  Hope you get to really enjoy playing it.

    Sorry for late reply.
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