Many years of not playing a tune right !

Now that I have finally learned to play , Over The Waves , decent on the fiddle and playing along with John's tracks and performance videos , I can't find anyone to play guitar rhythm properly for me at jams , Ha so I said to some of them next time I will show you folks how it's done , Ha ! Then I get home and start playing guitar rhythm  to Johns performance video and oops ! I can't play it either , So I put in the effort to get it right and after two days I am ready to show and tell , The first three chords are simple and strait forward easy peasy ! But when it goes to the Key of C  it's a nine chord roll of two licks on each chord in this order C-E7-Am-C-G-E7-Am-D7-G , and on two song play throughs that roll is done four times The G -D and G part is just so easy , like , six or eight measures on each chord , But then comes the chord rolls , But I am good now , and ready to teach !

Now the rest of the story is on my once a month jam I been going to for ten years , there's a mandolin player that always played that tune and no one including me ever did it right for him , I never realized how aggravating it was to try playing a lead tune when the rhythm players are messing it up , So what goes around comes back around, I didn't intentionally not learn it's just like only a once a month thing so it's late when your done jamming , you go home , go to bed , and out of site out of mind and the whole thing just keeps repeating , Sad !

Just a guitar rhythm for John's lesson Over the Waves
, It's not perfect but you get the idea ? The E chord is supposed to be a E7 but I like the [Em] better !


  • Good job.  It's got a weird progression.  Do you think the guitar guys at the jam will catch on?  You might have to play it for the mando guy a few times before they can get it.

    I play that tune all the time, but i never play it exactly right on fiddle or if I put my own guitar track on.  I just can't get that B part right in my head on fiddle...I always end up sort of improvising or just making something up in that B some reason it just won't stick in my head.
  • Cricket I plan on playing rhythm for the mandolin player and not playing the fiddle at least twice hopefully I can get the other guitars on board !
  • Or you could also tell them to watch your youtube and practice with that, if they need to.
  • Sounding mighty good to me, Steve.  If none of your band mates can get it, then go solo.
  • Thanks Great Scott ,
  • That sounds great!

  • Thanks Block Four !
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