What I will strive for in 2020

I don't do funerals or weddings, unless I'm the corpse or the groom.  And I don't make New Year resolutions.  To me, NY resolutions are like promises, promises that most times end up shattered like a beer glass during a pub brawl.  I never make a promise that I can't keep, ergo, I don't do the New Year thingy and make resolutions.  That said, I do have a few things that I hope to strive for this year (2020) while I am still on this planet.  Naturally, I have many, but here are ten of them:

1.  Strive to be happy(ier).  Be more accepting and content with my lot in life.

2.  Be more patient.

3.  Give more of my time and resources to those in need.

4. Change only what I can.  Accept the things that can't be changed.

5. Get my act together and post a video account of my fiddle journey. Contribute a little more to Composer's Corner forums.

6.  Do something daring.

7a.  Take private violin lessons from a violin tutor within easy travel.

7b.  Play like a pro by 2023.   :)

8. Compose more music and publish it.

9.  Believe in own abilities more.

10.  Love more.

and as a bonus, here is another, just to make an odd number.

#11.  Film more, write more, create more.

Feel free to give me a public flogging if I have not achieved at least THREE of these things by year's end.  :)

Anyone else got a few things that they would like to strive for this year -- and by "strive" I mean non-binding but wanting / hoping to achieve?


  • All good worthy goals Scott ! I have put together another 25 tunes on Cd to learn along with a binder book with the Tabs 1-25 in the same order as my new Cd now all I got to do is learn them all this year , The first binder book of 25 and Cd I put together I have learned good enough to make people happy and myself also ! I use it for backup when I am doing Solo entertainment , Most of the Cd backup music I have to match John fiddle music tit for tat which I think has really helped me get them right !  So this is my 2020 adventure this year another 25 tunes !
  • Saving money, pay off some debts. Or pay off some debts then save the money.

    I have a particular amount I want to save by the end of the year. Because I was thinking about moving to Florida by 2021.

    Learn alot more tunes. Was going to do a tune a day, but changed my mind.  I'm actually going to practice what I know and learn more tunes. And practice, practice,practice.

    Also get rid of some things around the house. Maybe put things in storage too.

    I haven't really thought of too much else other than that


  • That's a good list of goals, Scott.  The trickiest part is to know the difference (things I can or cannot change).  Yet we all can do it.

    Well I do still make big ol' hairy New Year's Resolutions because every year I'm determined to get to stuff I neglected the previous year.  John, saving money is a big one.  We need to do that too...we're trying.  Several years ago a cascade of bad stuff seemed to happen to everybody in our lives at all, and we ended up with a bunch of houses that we had to fix up to help homeless, down-and-out, sick, etc. folks.  Now we have taxes galore to pay on those properties and even though we worked ourselves to death for about ten years in a row, making old dilaptdated houses livable for them...we still have repairs, etc.  We've, of course neglected our own cheap, hand-built tiny house of over a century old with a century of accumulated problems...lol...so...these are situations we desperately need to get under control and which have kept us from getting our bills paid off as we wanted to and kept me from playing much music...so...ugh...someday it's gotta get under control.  it's getting harder and harder to make the trips and do the work and pay the bills.

    Anyhow...besides that...I wanna play my instruments a lot more...not just if I make a Presonus recording and put it up on youtube...but now that it looks like I might have a one-night-per-month opportunity to play for the folks in the nursing home/rehab center...I wanna brush up and get my playing better than it needs to be just to put up youtubes galore with the Presonus.

    So I have a list of things to learn from BGD, although I'm not so sure I should spend as much time with advancded stuff as I have in the past, and instead, try to focus on practical stuff I could actually play decently enough to play at the rehab/nursing home.  The advanced stuff...yeah, maybe just one thing at a time and realize it's gonna be YEARS when and if I can ever handle that kinda stuff to play anywhere besides my house, out of earshot from anybody with a weapon...lol.

    We put new strings on the dulcimer today because I wanna do What'll I do with the Baby-o? at the next time at the place...and discovered the tuners really need replacing...I had a hard time tuning it back with the new strings...and it wasn't the strings stretching...this was the tuners not holding the tension necessary...ugh...they're the butter bean style closed tuners and I guess if I can get the thing to stay tuned long enough to last through the new string change (can't afford to keep putting on new strings and they don't sound right if you take them off and put'em back on), we'll have to install new tuners next time.  This is especially crucial on a dulcimer, because you tune the strings pretty far apart, pitchwise, since you must tune to modes in order to play various tunes.

    But anyway, yeah...don't let the instruments dilapidate like an old house from lack of use, is the lesson learned there.  Also...don't let the body dilapidate (why is my chromebook underlining...am I spelling that  wrong?) either.  I'm a "firm" (hahaha...joke there) believer that taking as good a care of ourselves as possible or practical will help us through everything...so...back to working out for me, in addition to our walks in the woods up and down the hills around here.  So far...been doing between 50 - 75 situps a day...but we're only 8 days in...lol...and my tummy is SORE...but there was a time I could do hundreds, and maybe it's not practical to go for that...but I'm thinking a goal of 100 on most days would do me good, or kill me...not sure which.

    I guess playing more music, more practical music, getting our scattered property and costly issues organized, and getting back into shape enough where I feel just stronger and more ... stronger...lol...I guess.

    We enjoy our little family and do spend a lot of time with them, so hopefully just be able to keep that up too.  Grandson is growing up fast...gonna be 10 years old...how'd that happen so quick?

    Also, I got the creators newsletter from youtube...ok, well I wondered who's gettin gkicked off or whatever, but it was mainly about stopping hatred and harssassment and being more inclusvie on youtube...so...I'm like...ok...see no info to help answer any of my concerns about all that hateful harrassing stuff they had sent just before the end of the year to small time creators...lol.. . whatever...I should improve my spelling this year too...and say less...lol.
  • <strong>Steve,</strong> It;s obvious that music is a very big and important part of your life.  I really admire your goal of wanting to learn another 25 tunes.  I wish you all the best with your goal.  I really like hearing you playing your music (we all do), and I look forward to hearing some of those new tunes some time this year.

    <strong>John B</strong>, I hear ya when you talk of downsizing and storing things.  Possessions are after all, just possessions with no emotional ties to us.  It is <strong>we</strong> who oftentimes have emotional ties to <strong>them.</strong>  Should you decide to move to Florida, then I wish you all the best and hope  everything works out well for you.

    <strong>Cricket</strong>, BEWARE of the Taxman!  <strong>MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!</strong>

    That is a LOT of sit ups!  I guess you will be posting pictures here to show off your 6-pack.  But if 100 sit ups is your goal, then I guess well be seeing a 12-pack.  :)

    I was training a very large fat woman many years ago, and sit ups were one of the routine exercises.  She was very slow because of her size.  So, every time she exhaled and sat up, her fat little hand would reach for a chocolate from the box on the table.  She would pop it in her mouth and chew away as she lay back on the floor ready to do another sit up (and grab another chocolate).  I had to move the chocolates well away.

  • Taxman'll get ya, for sure!  I think that woman you were training was me, Scott...lol.  Well I might cut the situps down some...too sore to move.  I keep forgetting that I'm getting onwards near the 70s before long and, although I used to jog and workout a lot and was always doing tons of situps...for the past 20 years or so I haven't done that stuff and I'm really outta shape.  I might just go for 25-50 a day and no more until/ unless I miraculously get used to doing them again.
  • I set my goal to do 365 sit ups.  That equates to one a day; and even that's too much for me.  So now, I use mind over matter:  I think about doing them, and I immediately feel in shape.  Heck, I even have my Speedos laid out on the bed already --- along with my bucket and spade --- getting ready for a warm Spring day at the beach.

  • If I can divide them up right I can handle more...it's just getting the time to do it that way.  I've noticed if you do any type of exercise by 8s...somehow it gives you more strength and stamina.  Do 8 situps... do another 8 if you feel like it, wait if you don't, and then do another 8 later...with each third count of 8 add one and you have a set of 25.  I tried this with pushups (I'm no good with pushups) once several years back, in my 40s, or was it 50s...we were all doing p90x,  and ended up if I laid aside enough time inthe evening, I could get up to just over 70 pushups...weird for me because I can only barely do them at all...lol.  I need that kinda time again!  If I try to count by 10s, I get exhausted...not sure why the 8s work, but for me, they do.
  • Great Scott, here's hoping you reach ALL of your goals.

    Cricket, I've found that doing exercises in multiples of 8 makes it easier to put them to music. :)
  • I never play music (like on a CD or whatever) or listen to it...lol...for some crazy reason, outiside of seeing what friends play on their instruments...but I have wondered if dividing physical tasks into 8s just gives it a musical type energy that's just totally missing if you count by 10s.
  • In weight training, it is suggested that people do things in reps (repetitions) of 10, sometimes 12.  So, that means that you would do one set of 10 push ups, take a brief rest for around 15 seconds but no longer than 45 seconds, then do your second set of 10, followed by a brief rest of between 15 seconds, but, no more than 45 seconds, then do your third set and so on.  The reason for the brief rest to last no longer than 45 seconds is because longer than 45 seconds is the time that the muscle(s) begins to become relaxed.  You need to keep the muscle(s) under constant strain while doing sets in order to tone and build them.

    Also, to get the best results from any muscle exercises, it is best to give a hard squeeze or crunch for few seconds at the end of each rep.  This is what actually tones / builds the muscle(s) quicker.

    <strong>Cricket</strong>, you should have a go at doing some crunches instead or combined with or alternating them with your sit ups.

    Yeah, yeah, I know, I sound like a know-it-all.   :)
  • I have condensed my "Strive for" list to what I would probably consider the THREE most important things --- for me at least.  I call them the "3 Ls".  <strong>LIVE</strong> more. <strong>LOVE</strong> more. <strong>LAUGH</strong> more.
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