Belated Greetings

Howdy fiddle friends!  Please accept my belated but most sincere Christmas and New Year greetings.

I hope everyone had a very happy and safe Christmas.  We have just returned to civilization after spending the last 2 months and the Christmas period in one of the most beautiful, untouched regions on the planet.  No internet, no phone coverage, no stores, no electricity, a few dirt tracks, pristine air, spectacular scenery, abundant animal life, and very few people --- just the perfect peace and quiet of the natural realm.  Primal untouched rain forests and other types of forests.  More on this in another post.

For now, please enjoy this video to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.  I hope 2020 brings you everything your heart desires.

Password is   Xmas.


  • Thanks Great Scott , nice video !
  • Great Scott is back!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Well, that was a beautiful video...wondering what Santa fed those reindeer, though.  Well I think I finally figured out your're on that "Three Hour (perpetual) Tour" that Gilligan and the Skipper do!

    Welcome back!  Great to see Great Scott again!
  • Welcome back. Thanks for the video.

  • I think those reindeer have eaten more cookies than Santa!

    Welcome back, Great Scott.
  • Thanks everyone for the greetings and welcome backs.  I must firstly say that the video is NOT of my creation, though, I wish it was.  I have noted the makers of that video in the closing credits.  I have a LOT of work ahead of me now that I am back in the real world.  Have to work my way through a number of your submissions (the ones that I have not seen already) as well as do a bit of my own work while I am online.

    But it is GREAT to be back online and seeing all of my friends here at BGD.  I am really looking forward to the Golden Lion Awards night on January 15 (should begin around 7 PM, but tune in earlier just in case it starts sooner).

    Cricket, your suggestion of the three hour perpetual tour had me laughing.  I do sometimes feel like a clumsier version of Gilligan.  Man, how I hated that show!  Just the sheer stupidity. But I loved it at the same time.  It was very Laurel  and Hardy.

    I didn't gain weight over Christmas.  I stayed pretty much my usual 35 lb.  Lots of fruit and raw vegetables, plenty of oatmeal, and lots of pure water.  Anyway, I had better finish this post and scoot over to read some of the other posts, and look at the great videos in the Lion's Den and Composer's Corner.

    Y'all have a fabulous evening!   :)
  • <strong>Steve</strong>, I just saw that you are one of the followers of my Vimeo vidz.  Many thanks!  :)  All my videos there are not for general viewing, and are only viewable via a password.
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