I've always wanted to learn some hornpipes, but just never have. They always seemed a strange type of tune. So I decided to look up some to learn and found this guy on YouTube who all he does is Hornpipes every day.

If you get a chance check him out, listen and you may find some he plays you might like to learn.

I'm learning this one here.



  • That looks like the same guy that went through some big Irish tune book and did all of them, or else is in the process of playing every single one on youtube.  The only hornpipe I've ever played was Fisher's Hornpipe...I guess there's plenty more to learn, hey?
  • He's played 751 so far. So, yeah there's plenty more lol
  • I doubt I'll know 751 tunes by the end of my life lol
  • lol...I hear ya.  I'll never get there either.  Just happy with what little simple stuff I do play...lol.
  • What you both said !
  • Leland does a great job. I've followed him up to where he is. Cricket, he plays "Fisher's Hornpipe" in the key of F where it was originally composed. (I think it was originally composed there anyway. I learned it there when I was younger and everyone on the Canadian border played it in F).
  • I've heard people on FHO always talk about playing F H in F.  I learned it in...lemme think...been awhile since I've played it...I think D.  F is beyond me...lol.  I don't think I've heard it in F. I probably butcher it because I just learned it in my own way, going from memory of how I've heard it in D.  The F version is probably the real thing, I'm guessin'.
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