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What do you think about what u-tube is doing ? I think they have really made it hard , there new program is making every upload hard they have two choses for kids or not ! there is nothing about normal music inappropriate but you have to choose then the stupid thing will not upload it gets hung up , I have been trying to upload Ashokan Farewell since last night it will start then just quit , I am just so aggravated with their new broken setup ? Is Anybody else having problems ?


  • What?  Why are they continually messin' with it?  everytime I know what I'm doing they change stuff again.  I've had no problems yet...I just uploaded a video this morning with no problems, but I guess this will happen to me soon...I hate it when they suddenly change everything and then you've got some big learning curve to figure out again.  I hope you get your video up soon, Steve!
  • Cricket it is hard when they mess with things !
  • I haven't tried to upload in a few days, but I hope you get your video up
  • This is what's above and on top of the upload u-tube window it's like my upload is restricted I have less than 3% uploaded in the last two hours.

    You're legally required to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and/or other laws. You're required to tell us if your videos are made for kids. Use the new upload tool. Learn more
    Go to upload video (beta) says to go to beta .

    Anyway I have tried it both ways and am having no success 3% in two hours is bad, I have a new internet provider coming by the end of November or 1st part of December , My current internet provider is really slow so I am not sure whos really to blame , maybe things will get better ! But u-tube is getting harder I only seen two choices and that's for children or not , and or not is for 18 years and older and for children is 13 years and younger seems they have left out 14-17 years and everything is not just black and white should be a for all ardencies if it's clean !
  • I've never seen anything like that.  I'm sure my stuff would be appropriate for any age, however, I wouldn't want it listed as for children because then I'd be afraid it would be disappointing for kids if they wanted something different than just a bunch of old songs, and overlooked by adults if they thought it was kid stuff...lol.
  • I don't think it lists things as kids stuff, it just age restricts inappropriate videos. So if your stuff is not inappropriate then list it as suitable for kids or it won't let me watch it ?
  • Yup, Gunnar is correct.
  • I've never seen it do that on youtube...I wish they'd just leave it alone...lol.
  • Here's what happened to Steve...this came in my email today.  I guess it would affect people who generate income from videos moreso than some of us who just have a handful of people that watch.  But also, if you make an error, something bad could happen.  I have some videos that include my grandson, from the age of 0 all that way up to now...according to this, I need to go find them (ugh...my youtube has pages and pages and after the first two or three pages of videos it never takes me back farther...so I can't ever find my early videos!) and mark them as for kids, because if kids are in them they are considered for kids.  Oh boy...I'll never find all those videos and I'll never know IF I ever did find them all because I can't remember how many there might be.  Anyhow...I guess everybody will be getting this from youtube soon.

  • I don't have much time, but I just tried to do this and couldn't find "settings" anywhere on my channel...ugh...I'll have to try over the weekend...no time to fiddle around  with this.  Good luck, everybody!
  • I eventually found settings & set the channel to not for kids...we'll see how this goes...
  • Thank you Cricket ! I now know what to do , My music should not be offensive to anyone , but there's only two chooses  , so I will set my advanced setting to no kids then they U-tube can make changes if they wont but I will be in compliance at the expense of younger folks but better to be safe than sorry , even through there should be a rating for general audience's , This is something the law makers have passed that's not well thought out ! So I guess it's left to parents , cause there's no way for a computer or internet site to know the age of whos is on line a child or a adult , even if there is a pop up wonting you to enter your age that wont stop someone from putting in a false birthday or name .
  • My daughter isn't happy about this because she makes videos with her son, intending the audience to be general/ family...not exactly kids.
  • This is less about kid-appropriate content and more about privacy laws. If your videos are directed at children, then advertisers are not going to be allowed to do as much data tracking. This means that kids' videos are going to make less money than videos that are not directed at children. So, unless you are specifically making videos with the intent of attracting children, you probably do not want to use the "Made for Kids" label for your videos.
  • I just got this email too. I think it's dumb that there's not a middle option. I don't have anything to upload soon, but I'll see what happens when I do
  • Yeah I'm bothered by the extremes in your choices:  "I always make my videos for kids," or "I never make my videos for kids."  Something to that effect, anyway.  I don't like always or never as my choices.
  • Cricket, those choices are just for people who have an exclusively kids channel, or an exclusively adult channel. If you think you have some videos that are directed at children, you should take the middle option, which lets you adjust the setting for each video. In my opinion, you don't have any kid content and could select the exclusively adult option. However, it is possible that you should flag any videos featuring your grandson as children's videos. It really is a gray area!
  • Will it keep kids from seeing not for kids videos?
  • Sorry I started this mess early but it was coming anyways , I bet after a while they may modify it depending on how much push back they get !
  • Gunnar if it's like the gamers market they  just make you input your birthday before you can view a mature rated video and like doe's that stop you from seeing it, people can simple lie about their age ! However I think some schools have programs installed that auto monitor and block , So Your parents could set up you machine to block your content you see !
  • Gunnar, this will not set age limits on videos. YouTube doesn't do that - it assumes that all its videos are appropriate for kids to see. If someone uploads an inappropriate (18+) video, users will flag that video and YouTube will remove it.

    However, a new law now limits the amount of data tracking that advertisers can perform on kids (age 13 and down). If a video is labeled a kids video, it will now generate fewer advertising dollars because of the limited data tracking.
  • Did I understand it correctly that it will disable comments on kid videos?  I'm not worried about advertisers in my case...lol...just not gonna ever make any money with the messin' around I do on there, but I do like feedback, what little I can get.  I'm kinda wondering more about the new idea for a channel my daughter and her son had together...it's not really for kids, but would feature a kid, and it's not exclusively for adults...it's just sorta for anybody of any age or gear toward home schoolers and their parents or something like that.  Maybe nobody will take much interest, but it'll be tough for them to decide how to do that.  Yes, I would have to go through 400-500 videos I've put up onto my channel over the past 15 or so years...I don't even know how to find them all...it won't go back that many pages for me...I'd have to just hunt for a long time to find anything I had my grandson in there with me...I remember one when he was about 5 days old and I had him on my lap talking to him...yeesh...don't know how to even find those old videos.
  • Ok, then I'll set everything as for adults.

    Cricket, I'd say just leave it, no one cares that your grandson is in a several year old video. And unfortunately there's not many kids that says who would appreciate your content anyway ?
  • Good points, but i worry if I do something wrong they'll kick me off or something...lol.  Youtube is all there is for me...no place or people to play with and youtube keeps me from totally losing my mind from the isolation and despair...lol...really.  If they kicked me off or fined me or something I'd be one lost little pup.
  • Sometimes I just feel like putting an ad in the paper...like..."Wanted...somebody to come over and play...I'll give you coffee if you will...or just come over for coffee because we don't know anybody for miles around"...just put that ad in the paper...oh wait, there ain't no paper no more...ok, forget that.  There's just youtube...lol.
  • There is always remote recording collaboration.   Gunnar is about to get into one on another site we are both on I believe.

    I've been messing with putting some other things into one of Steve's recordings (it rains/missouri), but the guitar is louder than the voice and it creates a challenge  to get things to mix...fun to mess with though.
  • Yep, Dave's right. I've recorded by myself some, but I guess I haven't been able to share any of that yet. Soon maybe
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