Percussive dance tutorials?

Anyone know where I can find online percussive dance tutorials? I'd prefer Celtic styles (e.g. Irish or Canadian step dancing) but I'm also open to clog or buck dance, I'd just prefer not big band or jazz tap dance styles. I'd obviously prefer free lessons or YouTube lessons, but I might be willing to pay a little if it's not expensive. Any suggestions appreciated thx


  • When I went to clogging classes with my daughter (she learned, I fumbled and stumbled and never there was some youtube channel showing various clogging steps...I don't remember now what it was called...but it had the steps we were always supposed to be working on...I'll ask her if she remembers it...that's all I know...there is something out you can find what you're looking for!
  • A Google search found this website

    Does anyone know anything about it or if it's good?
  • Also I know John's daughters are step dancers, so maybe he could point me towards something?
  • I was pointed towards this site

    I'm thinking about it, but not sure yet
  • Is it mainly Irish you're interested in?
  • Have you seen that African style dance where you dance with your shoulders?  We had Ethiopians in our old church back in the mountains and they taught us all how to dance with our but true.  The Queen of LeSotho came to visit us too...way back in the mountians, we had a lot more culture than all these guys up here who think they know
  • Yes I'm mainly interested in Irish dance. I don't think I've seen any African shoulder dancing, around here the dance is a basic two step pattern that repeats
  • Here’s a French Canadian video that might be along the lines you want. And it’s free!

  • Hey thanks for the link stumpkicker! I just saw that cuz someone linked it at another place I asked. I've already started practicing that with my fiddle
  • Gunnar, I was in an Irish step-dancing troop for 5 years and I can tell you that the internet is a real rabbit hole for that one!!! I've never been able to find a video I was satisfied with to remind me of the dances I wanted to remember better. I was supposed to teach 60 ten year olds to dance an Irish jig and I almost went insane trying to find a video to explain it to them. In the end I had to do it on my own...

    I also taught myself clog dancing using the DVDs (this was before I even knew YouTube existed) I bought for maybe $10.00-15.00 on Steven's where I also bought my shoes

    I taught myself flat footing very recently just by trial and error (twisted ankle anyone?) and watching amazing (but unhelpful mostly) dancers on YouTube :)

    I just read my post over, and that doesn't seem very helpful, but maybe :)
  • <a href="">Maybe some of these videos?</a>

  • Thanks Kaeleigh, I figured you'd probably have some experience with this. I'm seriously considering the two websites I linked to, but I don't really have much money, so I'm not sure about which one to use.

    Thanks Grace, but those videos require some prerequisite knowledge of dancing which I don't have
  • This lady has some free stuff Gunnar, it looked good to me (although she is trying to sell something :) )

  • Mostly I've learned from videos like these:

    these people are helpful (although they dance to some pretty awful songs :) ):

    I wish I could lend you my old dance videos ;)
  • Thanks Kaeleigh, I had seen Sabra's channel, I'll give it a more serious look. Also, there's a free Sean nos starter course at so I'm gonna try that. Also a channel called moonshine V has a bunch of flatfooting lessons which I'll use.

    I also don't have any tap shoes, (or any shoes worth wearing) so I'm gonna try to get some hard sole shoes cuz they seem more traditional with buck dancing and sean nos

    I wish you could loan me them...
  • Ok, well, this will sound weird, but I've found that the best thing (actually, I prefer them even over my good taps shoes) Is old cowboy boots! Because they often have wood, or at least hard plastic soles. Do be careful though, they can be <em>slippery!!!!!!!!!</em> And I've even used them in public :)
  • Gunnar, here is a site my daughter Lorien made a while back as a school project when she was giving some free lessons as an addition to our summer fiddle camp. I'm not sure how much longer it will stay up!

    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong></strong></a>
  • Cowboy boots actually would be great, but I don't have any, and they're expensive ?

    Thanks John, I'll check that out!
  • Kaeleigh, I found this playlist on YouTube that teaches flatfooting (or buck dancing, what's the difference?) I'm gonna start learning that too.
  • Cool Gunnar!!! I'll have to go through those lessons myself! Flatfooting is my favorite, because I can even do it barefoot :) (And I meant thrifted cowboy boots, I found my sister a pair for $4, but you're not in the states, so that's probably no help anyway ;) )
  • Without having learned them, I prefer the Celtic styles, but I might have a different opinion once I learn them. I'll be in the states early next year (Lord willing) so I'll try and get a pair there. I noticed the basic flatfoot step is basically the MC Hammer dance lol
  • I just learned the beginner routine from Lorien's site, it was easy to follow, and pretty easy, now just to practice it till I'm at speed...
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